Roman Erol Street Style





Bomber JacketVintage

Ripped Skinny Jeans – Topman (Sold Out)




Tartan asymmetrical hem blouseSelf made


Leather JacketTopman

Nike Air Force 1 High PremiumFootlocker





Ripped Skinny Jeans – Topman (Sold Out)

Nike Air Force 1 PremiumFootlocker

I had a very different vision in mind when I asked my friend Roman-Erol to model for a Street Style shoot and although the outcome did differ from what was in my head, I was pleased with the results. Roman’s style is very laid back and has a sort of demure air about it although that may be a by-product of his own persona. The asymmetrical tartan shirt was definitely a favourite although I didn’t know it was his own creation until much later (I’m upset he won’t teach me how to sew.)

We chose to shoot in Brick Lane because, well, it’s Brick Lane. I don’t think there’s ever been a time wherein I’ve wandered through that area and not come across someone who I immediately either feel the need to photograph or fawn over their style. It is definitely one of my favourite places in the whole of London. The same can definitely not be said for the weather that day! It was clear for about two minutes between each outfit change and pouring the next fifteen but apart from the less than desirable climate everything else went off with few hitches. An interesting first experience and I’m definitely going to be doing more of these kind of projects in the future.

All photographs were taken by the lovely and talented Jessica Apap

Website –

Instagram –

It was such a pleasure to work with her!

If there are any inquiries on how to get involved in a project similar to this or any other kind with either myself or Jessica, email

Hope everyone’s having a great week so far 🙂

Bjs **

Vintage Fendi’s and Rainbow Love


Similar Maxi ShirtsEbay, YesStyle and YesStyle 2

Black Skinny JeansAsos

ShirtMarcus Lupfer


Hat Topshop (Sold Out)

Bag – Vintage Fendi (Ebay)

I was on the train on the way back from the private viewing of artist Halima Cassell’s new work at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre and was caught up in my own mind as always, I had been thinking  ‘I wonder why I haven’t seen anyone style long shirt dresses/jackets with t-shirts in so long’. Twenty seconds later (maybe thirty) I saw this girl walking in from of me. I legit could not contain my glee! And of course I asked to photograph her. This is genuinely such a great look.  It’s so… chic. The only flaw I could see with this as a whole was the green fedora hat (I didn’t think it flowed too well) but it didn’t look too out of place either.

Another detail that caught my eye was the vintage Fendi bag, now I adore all things Fendi and I can’t help but think I had seen it before in a charity shop in Brick Lane. I was right. It was the SAME exact bag I had been ogling two weeks ago, how strange! Perhaps this is the universe’s way of letting me know I should have bought it when I had had the chance.



Now I saved the best for last. I saw this amazing couple in Kings Cross St Pancras station and was awe-spired by their synergy. The vibrant colours, eye catching mix and match prints/patterns, the makeup, the facial hair? Wow. Just wow. I ran towards them as soon as they came into my range of peripheral vision. Asides from looking incredible in their chosen attire they are also well travelled, the clothing they are wearing has been collected from various corners of the globe. Be it from Thailand, Japan or Australia, you name it, they were wearing it.

A relationship in which both complement the others style, that mi amor, is what I want. Find me a man who’d agree to go out in public with me when I sport Princess Leia buns and he may put a ring on this finger. It would just be an added bonus if he wore his hair that way too 😉

Bjs Nailah **

Groovy prints and Vintage Tribly’s



Green Trilby Hat – I found a similar model at UrbanExcess  (The original was vintage)


Denim JacketZara

Jeans – Zara

Shoes Vans

I liked how varied the colour scheme of this outfit was, the yellow twill Vans were surprising seeing as there was no other tinge of the colour on the rest of his form. Especially dug the hat (I have a collection of my own) and the acid wash jeans + denim jacket. Denim, Denim, Denim. I’m sort of crazy about it, especially pairing different shades together! The lighter denim jacket and the acid wash denim jeans worked out for this guy which doesn’t surprise me in the least as in my experience men are able to carry off these kind of denim collaborations very well.

The print on the shirt can only be described with one word by me; Groovy. It’s very much something that I myself would wear as I also have a thing for mens’ clothing- hence why most of my guy friends won’t lend me their jackets or sweatshirts due to fear that I’ll never give them back (They are right to be afraid).

As a side note, has anyone been to Convent Garden recently? Some of the street performers there are actually terrifyingly good! Give it a go if you’re in need for some entertainment  🙂

Hope everyone has a good week! Bjs **

O Primeiro Vintage

O Primeiro Vintage

Shirt – Vintage shop in Barcelona.
Substitutes can be found at: Beyond Retro 1, a stellar bargain at £18 and Beyond Retro 2, similarly priced £20.

Vintage acid wash denim Shorts – bought in Camden.
Substitutes found at: Ebay Item (they do deliver worldwide) and just the one pair available and at Beyond Retro. They have quite a varied collection of vintage acid wash jeans, skirts and shorts.

Similar shoes can be found on various sites such as Topshop and River Island

This is the first post on my newly established fashion blog and I really hope it gets a good response!

The story behind this picture is quite amusing. I went out in Central London with the aim to take pictures of people I found stylish and suffered from a momentary lapse of confidence when it came to approaching those people.

After a pep talk I received whilst buying a neck strap for my camera (as well as a threat from the most amazing people I know), I saw this girl walk past with a friend. Her outfit captured my attention immediately and I debated on what to do for a minute or two before making up my mind and running after her. I kid you not, I ran.

I’m glad she was the first person I photographed for this blog; 1) because she was incredibly nice and 2) because her adorable Spanish accent helped to calm my nerves.

I especially loved her shirt, which had an almost Neo-Gothic feel to it. That paired with the grungy cut out shoes, 1980’s acid wash shorts and black lipstick I feel created the perfect balance, without any of the individual pieces outshining the others.

Hope you dig this look as much as I did 🙂

Comments would be appreciated!