Friday Favourites

Friday favourites

Plaid top

Noisy may black waistcoat
$77 –

Pull&Bear black faux leather pants
$64 –

Structure shoes

Knapsack bag

H m jewelry
$4.79 –

Beanie hat

These are some of my favourite things. Don’t you love them?

The Marc Jacobs watch has been on my wishlist for a few weeks now and I hardly ever wear or want to purchase a watch! The rings are a given, it’s the one jewellery piece I can actually wear for long periods of time without getting too fidgety. However the faux leather jogging pants although a definite coveted item ensues a bout of hilarity for me everytime I bring them up. I think that they may forever remind me of the Kanye West interview with Zane Lowe which Jimmy Kimmel made a pardoy of using children.

I swear that comment was not random! In the original interview, Kanye rants about how he presented the idea of leather jogging pants to Fendi years ago and got rejected; “Me and Virgil [Abloh] are in Rome, giving designs to Fendi, over and over, and getting our designs knocked down … [We] brought the leather jogging pants six years ago to Fendi, and they said ‘no.’ How many motherf***ers you done seen with a leather jogging pants?”

I do love that man, not so much for his music but for the priceless and scandalous statements he makes almost daily.

The tartan crop top and fur gilet had a love affair in my mind and when paired them with the Jeffrey Campbell Scully platforms, VOGUE beanie and smiley face backpack created a formidable edgy synery for me that I couldn’t help but want to see materialised. Rimmel’s line of Kate Moss lipsticks has also had me transfixed as a fan for almost a year now and I own two of the darker red shades (Numbers 01 and 10) with intentions to get more in the future. Overall I could say that I’ve owned four but I lost the other two earlier in the year (I have terrible track with beauty items) but I did replace them which is saying much for their overall appeal. I love this line especially because of how creamy and long lasting the lipsticks are, usually the main problem for me with wearing anything other than a light lipgloss is that the products dry out my lips but BUT THAT NOT A PROBLEM WITH THIS LINE!

Honestly try them out and see for yourself 🙂

Have a good weekend everyone! Bjs**