Modern Day Vampire



The buttoned up white collared shirt, the trench coat like wrap around jacket with faux leather panelling, the skinnies, the subtle hint of eyeliner and that great hat. (You will not believe where the clothing is from!)

I was hanging out in Camden Town when this icy beauty caught my friend Ibby’s eye, he told me to turn around and that’s when I saw him walking off in front of us. Of course I ran after him to ask if I could take this picture. What really surprised me though is that the clothing; the hat, the shirt and that beautiful jacket are all from PRIMARK!

I was shocked but it’s true that Primark have been doing considerably well in terms of the quality and style of their apparel this year. For example, I’ve had my faux leather backpack with the Gold embellishments  for over three months now and although I use it practically everyday, it still hasn’t shown any sign of wear and tear. Usually with Primark the problem is that the clothes/accessories don’t last all that long before they begin to fade/shrink/wither away. Well this doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore!

I may just need to pay a visit to the store myself 🙂

Black, Brown and Checkered.


Vintage checkered Sports JacketPierre Balmain – I found an almost exact match on this website but there’s only one available in a certain size! (Ships worldwide)

The black shirt and jeans are both from Primark and the leather boots – very wild western cowboy – were from a Vintage shop that closed down.

Similar boots can be found at James&James and Country Outfitter (This site is amazing but pricey!)

I adore this outfit. The minimalist colour scheme with the base colours of Brown and Black + the checkered jacket and cowboy boots were a pleasant sight in Leicester Square amongst the sea of loud colours yesterday afternoon.

A very sophisticated and fashion savvy look.

Tonight is also the exclusive fashion book launch of ‘Fashionstyleologer – London Street  Fashion’. An event I am excited to be attending! Photos and a short article on the event will be up in a few days.

Until then, ate ja 🙂