Fringe Twinge

Fringe Twinge

Nasty Gal ripped tee

Vero Moda long top
$47 –

See through tank top

Black velvet top

Monki black velvet top
$20 –

Oh My Love cami top
$66 –

Fringe jewelry

Crystal jewellery

I’ve been away for quite some time now and for that I apologise but now I’m back, back again xoxoxo
So, recently I’ve been very, incredibly, positively leaning towards the fringe trend. It’s fun, it’s sassy and very pro-boho chic if you pair it with the right apparel and accessories. The fringe trend has been around for decades so to suddenly highlight it now would in no way downplay its significance in the past. One of the reasons I adore it so would be due to its spread during the flapper era – 1920’s. And what’s not to love about flappers? They openly flouted social and sexual norms and did so with great style whilst listening to American jazz music. I have half a mind to base my 3rd year dissertation on flapper’s characterised in great works of literature. I haven’t even started university yet but this is just me thinking ahead as always.
How exciting is it that summer is here? It doesn’t quite seem like it but it is!
I won’t lie, my main source of excitement at the moment is the World Cup… although Portugal’s first game had me clutching my sides in pain. You do have to credit Germany for their tactical team and unified strength though. In my opinion, I think this is Germany’s year to win it.
That being said, keep Portugal in your prayers because my mother and the rest of her side of the family (including me) would be over the moon if they were to get anywhere close to semi’s. Good luck to England too!
Hope the teams you’re supporting fare well XO

Summertime Feel Chill

Summertime Feel Chill

Zara black top

Zara jacket

Sass Bide maxi skirt

NIKE white sneaker

Cameo necklace

This set was pretty much inspired by the amazing weather we’ve been having in London these past two weeks. It’s odd how sunny and dry it’s been, really odd. As I write this, sunlight is filtering in through my blinds and caressing my skin, what a tease tsk. Now although the suns out and everything seems merry, the mornings are still quite chilly so the set that I put together today was more or less what I had originally wanted to wear myself until I felt how cold it really was outside. I bought the lovely khaki coloured cropped jacket yesterday and sought to wear it with a lacey monochrome crop top and maxi skirt. The crop top I included in the set is gorgeous with slight ribbed detail and would have been in my clutches if the Zara store I visited yesterday had had it in stock. Sigh.
I chose a maxi skirt with sheer polka dot detail to give this outfit a bit of Va Va Voom~ and the white Nike sneakers are a definite must have for this summer. They go perfectly with almost every kind of ensemble – I’ve even seen a few people wear them with party style dresses (not for me but they carried it off well enough!). I feel like almost every single person in this city has a pair of Ray bans – their sales margin must peak during Summer! And why not? They make great sunglasses after all.
A recurring pattern in previous posts must have highlighted my adoration for all necklaces that are of a choker design so adding the Cameo choker was foreseeable at the least. I kept the accessories minimal because this outfit really is one you chill in; to meet up with a few friends, walk around a park with them and just soak up the bountiful suns rays, all whilst listening to some Lana Del Rey<3 The headband was intrinsic to this look as I envisioned an up do to go with the vibe I was creating with this set. A bit sporty, a bit chic and a hell lot of cool. (I suddenly feel like the Fonz)
Hopefully we haven’t used up all our sunny day coupons this month and the good weather stays for as long as it possibly can!
Have a good week guys!
Nailah XO

These are a few of my favourite things…

These are a few of my favourite things...

Miu Miu grey shirt

J.W. Anderson pants
$895 –

Linda Farrow black glasses
$730 –
Hello, hello, hope I haven’t kept you waiting too long for a new post (I’m sorry if I have!). These last few days have been utter turmoil for me on the work front – remind me to never accept propositions from others when in a happy frame of mind!
So I thought I’d dedicate this post to a few of my most cherished items (that as of yet, are not in my possession). I’m really glad culottes are making a comeback with high street brands raising awareness for the fashion savvy trend. I have a picturesque vision of myself donning the J.W Anderson culottes, the cropped Mui Mui sweater and the round frame glasses – so very John Lennon – with a beret placed  on my head (because why the hell not?) and drinking espresso in a Parisian style cafe. Pretty picture perfect huh?
The camel coat is as much a statement piece as the vintage Chanel bag in my opinion and yes I know it’s a bit odd to compare the two but each give the wearer/carrier an elevated level of sophistication and so they carry out synonymous tasks. The Guess rhinestone hair pins are beautiful and it is for that reason alone that I covet them. Lord knows I’d hardly ever, if never wear them. Same, however, cannot be said for the Lanvin choker. That is probably my favourite piece from all of those above, cancel out the probably and replace it with a definitely. It is quite honestly the most perfect piece of jewellery I have ever set my eyes upon and I do quite honestly need it in my life and around my neck as soon as possible!
I included the x-ray floral Vogue print merely because I thought it was an exquisite picture and thought it helped to complete the set arrangement, isn’t it gorgeous?
Hope everyone’s having a good week!
Bjs Nailah **

Coquettish Charm in Tuxedo Gold

Coquettish Charm in Tuxedo Gold

River Island black cocktail dress
$25 –

Gold pumps
$200 –

Bangle bracelet

Versace post earrings

Clear glasses

Lips makeup

Topshop nail polish
$9.93 –
A lot inspired this set in particular, one of the main influences being the Tuxedo dress. I’ve always had a thing for suits in particular the slim fit kind worn by the menfolk (maybe I’ll be a menswear designer one day, who knows). I keep saying that I’m going to wear one to the next wedding I go to… which may be why I haven’t been invited to one in so long. Not that I’m complaining!
This Tuxedo dress is almost an exact replica of the original Alexander McQueen one and for that reason asides from the fact that it looks so good, I purchased it from River Island as soon as I was  able to. Sadly they only had it in the size above and that didn’t fit well at all so I had to sell it.(Sad but I still made a 100% profit – Business has always more or less been my forte). I also have a huge love for face veils, some may say that they arouse an air of morbidity as they’re often worn at funerals but I think there’s something undeniably chic about them. That veil worked into an undo with the cats eye glasses would create a vision of 1960’s glamour which I feel needs to make a comeback pronto!
I kept the jewellery simple for this set as the Versace earrings paired with anything other than the minimal thin Gold bangles would, to me, look gaudy. Aren’t the heels amazing as well? The Gold  ankle cuff link detail complements the inclusion of the jewellery and the minimal beauty which I envisioned as a simple liquid eyeliner and rouge lips and nails look completes the ensemble.
I’ve been listening to a lot of Lana Del Rey lately and feeling the need to dress up at odd moments so as to encompass her sound in a more material form. Hopefully I’ll have some looks up soon to show y’all my LDR style! 🙂
Hope everyone’s having a great week! Bjs **

Bohemian B*tch

Bohemian B*tch

Ruby Rocks button up collared shirt
$63 –

Fancy watch

Black necklace

Kate Spade accessory

CÉLINE black sunglasses

River Island black bandana headband
$9.85 –

Eau de perfume
Hello, hello little darlings, it’s been a while since I last posted. (Forgive me for these last two weeks have been a complete and utter blur!)
I love, love, love this set that I created on Polyvore an incredible amount! The bohemian feel of the shirt, the tribal print + fabric and the cut on it has permanently put it on my wish list – until I get it anyway (hopefully). Leather skater skirts are gorgeous, glamourous even if one gets the right fit and shade of black but few wear them right in my experience. It just makes them look so boring! Which is why until I put this ensemble together I’ve never really been a fan of them (narcism at its best haha)
The purple watch was just too funky to pass up when I came across it. I had originally been looking for a bracelet of a darker purple like shade but discarded the idea immediately after seeing the watch. Ain’t it cute? Cat eye glasses are also a huge trend in the fashion circuit right now – Get yours while stocks last. They just ooze sophistication and 1950/60’s glamour. I need a pair myself to be honest. I’ve always had a real passion for accessories – to the extent of going into overdraft on my bank account for them- the black bandanna and spread eagle necklace are both items I want/need in my life and pairing them together for this outfit was a real treat for me. The bandanna + the cat eye glasses were inspired by a vision I had about 1950’s pin ups.
And how adorable is the Kate Spade umbrella! So contemporary, so chic, so practical, so stylish and fitting for a bout of Monday morning blues. Also say Olaaa to the wonderful Nicholas Kirkwood sandals. I was going to complete this outfit with chunky platform boots but then thought of these babies and knew it had to be the latter. They are quite honestly the perfect shoes.
All hail Lady Gaga. I tend to include a bit of beauty in most of my created sets, for this one I chose Lady Gaga’s FAME. The eau de parfum and its alleged contents sparked interest over the main social networking sites when it first came out and although I myself was a bit put off by what I heard, you cannot knock the scent. It definitely smells too divine to discard because of a few pesty rumours.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead!
Nailah XO

A little R&R before NYE

Relax and Rewind before the New Year

Black shirt

Miss Selfridge jeans

Black shoes

Does anyone else feel a little strung out (more than a little) after all the festivities and mush that this time of year involves? Don’t get me wrong, I do love it! But after two weeks of constant moving and shaking and God knows I can’t dance so we’ll leave that one out. I feel the need, now more than ever to present myself with a little holiday, a weekend away, something like that but it’s not possible at the moment so instead I daydream about what I’d wear on this ‘weekend away’.
I’d want to be comfortable that’s for sure and what better a way to both be comfortable and look stylish in than a bold Chanel No.5 Sweatshirt print? Yeah I didn’t think anyone would disagree. I added a little vintage touch to this set by including mom jeans, hello 80′s influence! Once again comfort was key, then of course the little backpack because one really does need a purse/bag big enough to keep all the miscellaneous items that would not fit into the actual suitcase. (Plus it was shiny and stripy thus cute!)
The six inch heels come in because I firstly didn’t want this set to get too comfortable and secondly because I was tailoring it for myself, they were a necessity. Not only does it add a little sexy sophistication into the mix of otherwise lazy pieces but it also gives you that little bit of extra confidence along with the added height and great posture! + I also loved the gold chain link ankle cuff on them – need those shoes now.
This is what I’d wear on a weekend getaway. Well on the first day anyway and that does not involve the evening or nightwear!
What’s your take on the perfect R&R weekend ensemble?
Bjs Nailah **

Wednesday Wants

Wednesday Wants

Black faux fur coat
$85 –

Gold stackable ring

Club Manhattan hinged bangle
$34 –

This set was inspired by a day spent at work pretending to be Miranda Priestley’s assistant and an ongoing Ebay war over a similar looking monochrome faux fur jacket.
I love the sleeveless turtleneck (been an ongoing advocate for them since mid September) and need it in my life. The folds and cut of the turtleneck gives it an edge of modernism, which I adore, adore, adore!
Same can be said for the style of the leather skirt, I’ve been a fan of asymmetrical design for quite some time now – Ever since I set eyes on my first Alexander McQueen mullet dress to be precise. Ricardo Tisci has revolutionized Givenchy and I pay ode to him in this post for the leather skirt which came into being through his guiding hand. (Thank you Ricardo, grazie mille!)
The boots are a favourite because,well, they’re pretty and who could attest to their practicality in these cold grey times that we call Winter? Also how many pairs of heeled boots would count as too many? (I may just own too many)
The faux coat I wasn’t too sure about pairing with the rest of the ensemble but I do love it -bidding for one that’s almost exactly like it on Ebay at the moment, fingers crossed I win! I added it on to this set to lend it a bit of quirky youthfulness. I have a tendency to dress older than most my age which often gets me mistaken for being a bit older too. Ah well, who ever said that was a bad thing? Oddly enough I’ve never had a particular liking for Gold jewellery but the bangle and stackable rings are all items that are on my wishlist and the lip colour, which is of a matte plum colouring is one I wear quite a lot. It is so, so lush! (Try it!)
So, these are my Wednesday wants, what are yours?
Hope everyone’s having a good week so far!**

Novembers Nuances

Novembers Nuances

Wildfox Couture long sleeve sweater
$360 –

Silver jewelry

Pieces chain waist belt
$24 –

Gray lipstick


My inspiration for this piece was slightly neo-gothic chick meets mean mosher model.

It’s November so I tailored the set with the cold front in mind (Have I mentioned how much I hate the cold?). The sweater is on my  wishlist, maybe more so because the phrasing on it is slightly anecdotal than it just being really cute. It took me quite some time to find a pair of shoes that appealed to me for this look and I have to say these ones earned the attention. How amazing are they! The exaggerated flatfrom heel, the sleek shine of the boots, what else could they be but Jeffrey Campbell’s?

I kept the jewellery simple (for once) the chunky silver link necklace and the belt looked like they belonged together so pairing them with this outfit wasn’t that much of a genius move. Perhaps I  subconsciously downplayed the jewellery so I could splurge on the beauty aspect, don’t you just love that gray shade of lipstick? I know I do 🙂

Now I adore tartan prints so when I saw the satchel (I’ve been looking for the perfect one for a few good months) I knew it had to be included in the set, ditto for the skirt. The asymmetrical hemline has been popular for skirts lately and as much as I do like them, they kind of remind me of skorts (you know the transgendered product of a skirt and short.) I did like this skirt a lot though but it looks a bit plain on its own so the belt was a necessity in its case. Tartan textiles have always been a favorite of mine and for some reason remind me of one of my most loved designers, the late Alexander McQueen.

Gone but never forgotten. R.I.P.

Oh and I have another exciting piece of news! I went to Pakistan Fashion Week on Saturday the 2nd of November and have whipped up a little article as well as a whole lot of photos which will be up by this weekend. Some of the outfits really took my breath away. It was truly an incredible evening!

Hope everyone has a good week and looks forward to the next post *fingers crossed*

Bjs Nailah **


This is my clique

This is my clique

Rebecca Taylor jean shorts

Topshop clothing

Miss Selfridge jean shorts

Topshop clothing

Topshop clothing

High waisted shorts

ASOS platform sandals
$68 –

Carved ring

Brooks Brothers gold earrings

Brooks Brothers stud earrings

Statement ring

Square pendant

Just Female metal jewelry
$32 –

Accessorize gold ring

Rhinestone jewelry

Gold jewelry

Balmain scarve

Ray-Ban sunglasses

Black hat


Lace Bralets, embellished short shorts, chunky block heels and minimal bling.

My inspiration for this set was the thought of a group of femme fatale’s who used their feminine wiles and sly disposition to get whatever they wanted in whichever way they pleased. I may have had a slight Wild West setting to the thought as well which is partly why I added the bandana’s. The chunky gold jewellery was added because I wanted the outfit to even out in terms of perhaps being too feminine. That as well as the chunky heeled boots  I picked out because of their versatile and comfortable nature adds a strong edge which could be provoked by the link to popular rap culture. Therefore it almost gives a ‘thug-like’ feel to the complete look.

Is it too odd that this would definitely be my desired outfit if ever I were to rob a bank?

Minimalist Mondays

Minimalist Mondays

Heart glasses

Pamela love ring

King Baby Studio ring

Aldo ring

White jewelry

Coast short black dress
$285 –

A P C black leather jacket
$735 –

Lacy socks

Minimalist color schemes, I feel are perfect for these dreary English Monday’s and I’d love nothing more than to drag myself out of bed at 6 a.m. and put on this entire ensemble before heading to work with a Starbucks in my hand. Definitely the ideal work outfit for my dream job working as a fashion journalist/editor for a well known fashion magazine. (One day, one day.)
The lace detail on the otherwise simple black halter neck dress as well as the white over the knee lace stockings were inspired by Japanese Harajuku style fashion. Now not many people apart from those closest to me know this but I’m crazy about about Japanese culture; the food, the religious traditions, the cultural festivals, the social conventions, manga (one of my favourite things in the whole world) and most especially, the fashion!
There are different categories within the Harajuku sense of style and the one I picked on for this look was a mix of kei visual/kawai. Overall I wanted to integrate those elements with a very urban street style look hence the lush bomber jacket. Another vision of inspiration for me was the Meidham Kirchhoff S/S 14 collection. Now I have gushed to friends and sometimes strangers about this particular collection, it is quintessential and I want nothing more than to own a piece of it.
(For those that wish to fulfill this wide-eyed desire of mine, my birthday’s on Wednesday – email for my postcode ;))
I didn’t notice it up till now but the ensemble I composed is very similar to the top right Meidham Kirchhoff collection piece isn’t it? This has all been done subconsciously I swear! How absolutely breathtaking is the collection though? (I feel incomplete without it)
I’m definitely going to buy all the jewelry I chose to complement the outfit, they’re all statement pieces and I chose to focus on rings more so than anything else because well, I have a thing for them. A real heady, intoxicating appeal for them. The ear cuff and necklace although sold by different labels look like a aesthetic set which is part of the reason I chose to pair them together however with this outfit it may be better to leave the choker out as it could understate the lace detail of the dress. I really want all of these items for myself. Really do.
Now on to the beauty products, the Tom Ford Black Orchid lipstick looks to be a deep purple shade but is actually a dark red and is surprisingly wearable in at least 4 different ways – as a stain, as a class lipstick, as blush, and with a gloss over. Very durable and very chic. The Rimmel Scandalous Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner is another favourite of mine. Last week I searched four different department stores on both Oxford Street and Bond Street to find it and lucked out at the Boots in the West One shopping Center in Bond Street Station. These babies are selling out fast and I definitely know why. This eyeliner is the best I have come across in years, being not only smooth but also long lasting, waterproof and easily applicable!
As for the glasses… they’re just really cool.
Here’s to hoping the weather gets better! Bjs **