Pinstripes in Portugal






Top – H&M

Trousers – PrettyLittleThing (Sold Out)/Alternative – ASOS

Shoes – Topshop

Knotwrap – Vintage

Olaaa from sunny Lisboa!

So, I’ve been a bit slow with the blog recently but this dizzying Portuguese heatwave has had me avoiding any sort of manual/not so manual labour. It sort of sucked the energy out of me for the last week or so but I’ve decided not to let it get to me anymore (also it’s letting up so I don’t really have any excuse to)

This outfit was one of the three I actually wore that day, this heat has got me changing outfits more so than I ever have but it was definitely my favourite. The wide leg vertical stripes are so flattering on one’s figure and have a really slimming effect asides from elongating the length of the leg. Pairing it with a simple ribbed high neck vest then created a sort of effortlessly chic look that I jazzed up with my fish skeleton (moons and suns?) earrings and headband. The latter was a lucky find in a Parisian vintage store earlier this year and only cost me a Euro (vintage stores in Paris are the one people)

The silver accents on the boot buckles with the earrings then gave this look more of a colour coolness that alternatively fit right into the vibe I was feeling at that point. I was feeling very cool ngl – the shade from the tree helped too.

I’ve been having a lovely time in Lisbon so far, it really is a city that captured my heart almost instantly. Although, I won’t lie, I hated it as a child. Having to spend a month or two in another country away from friends and the like wasn’t something I appreciated but it’s grown on me over the years. My mama’s family here definitely helps (they’re all crazy and I love them to bits!)

I’ll have another post up very, very soon.

Until then, ate ja xxx

Allo le Monde


Turtleneck Top – New Look/ASOS

Skirt – ASOS 

Sneakers – Nike 

Bonjour mes amis,

I was in Paris at the end of the month for my best friend’s birthday and thought I’d try to rustle together a blog post to commemorate the trip (and her birthday ofc). Firstly, I just want to say that button up skirts are some of the cutest articles of clothing ever! They make me feel like I live in the countryside, on a prairie like Dorothy – or maybe that’s just the feel that this skirt in particular gave me with its rust colouring and two toned stripes. Either way, I need to invest in more of this particular style of skirt. This outfit was very conservative with its high neck and tights but I quite enjoyed it, it not only made me feel quite mature but gave me these later 80 campus feels (like Clueless but with a longer skirt)

Another thing I became aware of after arriving in Paris – apart from how well I seemed to blend in – mostly because I was wearing mostly black, was how undeniably chic the women there were. There is definitely a cultural appeal about Parisian women, namely that they are immaculately, effortlessly, becomingly stylish and chic, carry themselves with poise and have an explicit presence. More than how they dress, it is not their style that gives them that presence (although it definitely doesn’t hurt) but their attitude.

“You have this ‘Je ne sais quoi’ quality about you”

“She has this Joie de vivre”

Are both French qualities that are constrained within the French language and although they can be prescribed to others outside of the nationality, they cannot be translated. In a way, it is the French attitude that is unable to be transformed or transfigured into any other kind that is not what it first was (French). I feel like that got a bit complicated whilst I was trying to figure out what it was that I was trying to say but ultimately, the French have this sexy confidence that is expressed through their style and the way they carry themselves. Something I both admire and attempt to emulate within my day to day life.

Another interesting element of my trip was the discovery of Paul Signac’s work. So, if I remember correctly, he was an early 20th century Neo-impressionist French painter who painted in dots of pure colour. His paintings were not only fun to look at but incredibly breathtaking when peered closely at. It was crazy to view all the dots that made up the trunk of a tree or the sea – oh wow, the way this man painted the sea! I was in awe truth be told, not only because he was so talented but also because I’m so lazy that to think that someone would take hours on end to paint in dots and create such a masterpiece stirs all sorts of emotions within me. Mostly  it makes me wish I wasn’t so lazy haha.

I’ve included some pictures of his work below for you all to have a look for yourself, although if you want the real deal – Go to Musee D’Orsay if ever in Paris, you will not regret it. Asides from Signac, there is a lot of incredible art (Van Gogh, Picasso etc etc) to enjoy 🙂



And last but not least, here is a picture of my bezzie’s cute butt, Happy (now Belated) 21rst Birthday beautiful!


As always, let me know what you think and I hope you enjoyed this post!


Pakistan Fashion Week London

So on the 2nd and 3rd of November 2013, Pakistan Fashion Week held its fifth installment at the Hilton Paddington hotel in the fashion capital city of London. The shows which have been held annually are organized by Riwayat, a company that lives up to its definition as ‘riwayat’ or traditions play a key role in Pakistani culture. The name was specifically chosen by the company’s founder, Adnan Ansari for the platform that brings Pakistan’s best to the European market.

Now in its fifth segment, Pakistan Fashion Week LONDON 5 definitely did not fail to impress. The 90ft catwalk featured either top or emerging Pakistani designers such as Gul Ahmed Textiles, Monad, Moazzam Abbasi, Sam & Huma Naz, Ayesha Aejaz, SMK etc. And the accompanying boutique lounge allowed guests the opportunity to purchase quality bespoke designer clothing pieces ranging from modest to slightly less than modest price ranges.

The originality of the designs presented by the respective brands all contained a similar theme; Riwayat. They were traditional in the sense that they all paid tribute to the Pakistani sort of Eastern style promoting sequence fabrics and unique embellishments with a large part of most collections calling attention to the ways in which materials flowed and draped ones figure all whilst staying quite contemporary.

The main types of fabrics that stayed consistent amongst the collections were velvet, chiffon and silk but the collections viewed were far from monotonous as the signature styled embroidery of each designer gave the pieces their individual edge and captivated the eyes of everyone in the room.

Although there were pieces of menswear in the show, the ensembles, few and far between were largely overshadowed by the more prominent and extravagant womenswear outfits. The use of textiles in Gul Ahmed’s collection in particular caught my eye with the surprising synergy of the varying mix and match of prints. As well as Sam & Huma Naz’s representation of multicultural styles that stemmed from traditional Pakistani to Punjabi and even ranged from 70’s themed outfits to those that were Bedouin influenced.

Another theme that was apparent from the majority of the collections was the precept of romance, with the dresses ranging from poetic long sheath like lengths to more practical less voluminous tops over palazzo pants. Interestingly a recent trend that has come up in fashion, particularly haute couture, was integrated into the designs of some of the collections. That trend being the cape; which is attached to the back of dresses or jackets and thus creates a fairytale-like impression reminiscent of one’s childhood. It reminded me of the outfit Aladin gets conjured up by the Djinn when he seeks to court Princess Jasmine.

Riwayat has come a long way from when the company was first set up and Mr. Ansari hard work has paid off as on the 30th of October, Pakistan Fashion Week was also able to showcase the collections of its talented designers in Paris! I expect PFW to only get bigger and better from here on and look forward to the next year’s event! 🙂

Gul Ahmed Textiles

_SAM7001 _SAM7015 _SAM7024 _SAM7033 _SAM7036

Nature was definitely a theme that was prominent in this collection with the inclusion of tree’s and birds woven into a lot of the patterns on the outfits. Of all the textiles in the various collections I do think that Gul Ahmed’s use of prints was the most creative and thus the one that I liked best!

Moazzam Abbasi

_SAM7058 _SAM7063 _SAM7076 _SAM7079  _SAM7052


This collection was very romantic, it almost carried the resonant motif of coveting one’s lover who seems so close and yet so far. The colour theme was white with very few other colours playing into it but those that did blended in well, mostly being beige and gold with a few passionate reds making an appearance as well. I loved the ball gown worn by the show stopper, absolutely adored it which was surprising as I’m not usually a fan of transparent lace boning.


_SAM7085 _SAM7086 _SAM7087 _SAM7089 _SAM7092 _SAM7096 _SAM7105

Monad’s collection, I have mixed feelings about. The outfits were beautiful, the surprising pop of colour (neon pink, blue etc.) on the overall darker cloth palette was a brilliant design strategy and the embellishments and embroidery were attention grabbing enough without being too overpowering. The only flaw (for me) was the use of velvet. For some reason I’ve never been able to stand it, the mere thought of it makes my skin break out in goosebumps and I feel sick if I touch it. I’m not quite sure why but it is as it is. Definitely something I’m going to have to get over as velvet plays such a vital part in today’s fashion trends/styles that I enjoy. 😦

Sam Huma & Naz 

_SAM7118 _SAM7121 _SAM7125 _SAM7128 _SAM7131 _SAM7133 _SAM7141

Some of the designs from this collection literally took my breath away. Incredibly stunning! There were more drapey layers involved and so the models just seemed to flow on the catwalk which just made them look really elegant. I started thinking about how much time it must take to create just one of these outfits when I was watching the show, the detail on them; the mesh of prints and patterns, embroidery and the dazzling textiles worked together amazingly well  and there’s was so much of it too! Pakistani fashion designers really are on a league of their own.

Bridal Couture

_SAM7159 _SAM7168 _SAM7178 _SAM7189 _SAM7200 _SAM7210 _SAM7221 _SAM7225

I liked the coordination on the couples outfits, it worked well with the whole wedding theme but I couldn’t help but think that some of the single’s outfits were more extravagant than the couple ones. The designs were very feminine and very fresh as they encompassed their personal influences from Eastern culture but were able to come off as very contemporary. The brand Bridal Couture however is a bit iffy. A lot of women commented on the event page of PFW saying they had paid for outfits and never gotten their money back, so as lovely as the designs were/are, I wouldn’t trust it.

Shabbir Textile

_SAM7233 _SAM7238 _SAM7241 _SAM7243 _SAM7245

Now this was probably the best collection out of them all for me! It was just so colourful and fun. The outfits all took their inspirations from varied cultures and time periods and were all so youthfully vibrant. The theme to me seemed to be just that, young women who were dominant and fun and well aware of their feminine charms. The floral patterns, the geometric shapes, the jewelled headbands, the capes etc etc were all wonderful and were all something I’d definitely wear myself 🙂

Usman Dittu

_SAM7251 _SAM7257

One word to describe this collection; sensual. It was quite traditional compared to the other collections and yet contemporary as it sort of rivals the societal conventions of Eastern style by its not so covert celebration of sexuality and the female form. The cuts on the outfits emphasised the models main points of beauty, their waist, their long limbs and their collarbones (one of the parts of our bodies that I personally find the most beautiful).

I’ve never particularly liked Asian garments and have always opted out of wearing them when occasions that demand such finery arise but seeing some of these collections may just have changed my mind. I may just don a similar sort of outfit to one of the ones in the pictures above to the next event I’m invited to. If I do (I think I will) I’ll definitely share some of the pictures with you all!

Hope everyone has a great coming week!

Bjs Nailah **