Bohemian B*tch

Bohemian B*tch

Ruby Rocks button up collared shirt
$63 –

Fancy watch

Black necklace

Kate Spade accessory

CÉLINE black sunglasses

River Island black bandana headband
$9.85 –

Eau de perfume
Hello, hello little darlings, it’s been a while since I last posted. (Forgive me for these last two weeks have been a complete and utter blur!)
I love, love, love this set that I created on Polyvore an incredible amount! The bohemian feel of the shirt, the tribal print + fabric and the cut on it has permanently put it on my wish list – until I get it anyway (hopefully). Leather skater skirts are gorgeous, glamourous even if one gets the right fit and shade of black but few wear them right in my experience. It just makes them look so boring! Which is why until I put this ensemble together I’ve never really been a fan of them (narcism at its best haha)
The purple watch was just too funky to pass up when I came across it. I had originally been looking for a bracelet of a darker purple like shade but discarded the idea immediately after seeing the watch. Ain’t it cute? Cat eye glasses are also a huge trend in the fashion circuit right now – Get yours while stocks last. They just ooze sophistication and 1950/60’s glamour. I need a pair myself to be honest. I’ve always had a real passion for accessories – to the extent of going into overdraft on my bank account for them- the black bandanna and spread eagle necklace are both items I want/need in my life and pairing them together for this outfit was a real treat for me. The bandanna + the cat eye glasses were inspired by a vision I had about 1950’s pin ups.
And how adorable is the Kate Spade umbrella! So contemporary, so chic, so practical, so stylish and fitting for a bout of Monday morning blues. Also say Olaaa to the wonderful Nicholas Kirkwood sandals. I was going to complete this outfit with chunky platform boots but then thought of these babies and knew it had to be the latter. They are quite honestly the perfect shoes.
All hail Lady Gaga. I tend to include a bit of beauty in most of my created sets, for this one I chose Lady Gaga’s FAME. The eau de parfum and its alleged contents sparked interest over the main social networking sites when it first came out and although I myself was a bit put off by what I heard, you cannot knock the scent. It definitely smells too divine to discard because of a few pesty rumours.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead!
Nailah XO