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                  Baseball Top – Fenchurch – Bank Fashion

Striped Crop Top – Alternatives – Forever 21 / American Apparel

Black Slip Dress – Missguided / ASOS

White Leather Bangle – Almari

Two Toned Boots – ASOS

Holaaa everyone!

It’s been two weeks and then some since I left England and travelled to the Middle East. Hope everyone’s had a good Easter holiday and is as ready to delve back into reality and routine as I am. The primary part of my time away was spent in Iraq on a spiritual journey and it was surprisingly incredible! I couldn’t honestly start to express in words how amazing it was to experience the customs and culture of such a wondrous country and it’s kind people. One of my aims in life will always be to adopt a few children so as to give them the love and care that they duly deserve as well as to satisfy my own need to give to those that aren’t as fortunate as we all have been. After spending time with the street children in Iraq, I can honestly without a doubt say that I will in the future, God willing, adopt an iraqi child – they were some of the most adorable children I had ever had seen and had the pleasure to experience!

Now the second half of my holiday was spent in Dubai and that’s where I was able to work on something for my blog (I honestly missed posting on ModainLondres!)

This was the outfit for my first day in Dubai where the heat was fortunately not too stifling and the days were relaxing and carefree. I promise the next few outfits were a lot more colourful and I did stray from the monochrome colour pallet you’ve been seeing in my last few posts. >_<

Just look at the view I had from my hotel room!

(Granted the view from my parent’s room was 100% better lmao)


Hope everyone had a great time whether it was spent away or in the comfort of your own home (which I had missed!)

Happy Easter!

Nailah XO

Omani Fashion

So on Monday, work sent me to cover the first Omani fashion show in London which was held at the Montcalm hotel in Marble Arch.

Guys, I gotta say I was pretty disappointed with the amount of pieces available at the show. It seems that the ‘Omani fashion show’ was really a ruse to increase promotion for Omani tourism. I spent an hour waiting for the show to start (it was meant to start at 3 but didn’t – big surprise) and then had to sit through a short video on Oman and it’s deliciously rich culture which the video exploited in order to create interest in it as a tourism hotspot. When the show did finally start, it was over in about ten minutes flat with about eight (if not less than that) different ensembles showcased. Safe to say I left as soon as the show ended (now I think of it I wish I had stayed for the food. Omani food is amazing!)

Overall the selection of items in the show were poor but the craftsmanship and individuality of the dresses and suits on show were definitely appeasing. The collection by the Omani designer Alaa Al Siyabi, who is better known for creating a unique eleven meter long and three meter wide traditional Omani dress for Muscat’s Royal Opera House Fashion Show, was regal in its form and there was no expense spared for the best of quality materials and embroidery.

I’d feel like a queen in one of these dress suits. I really would.



Unfortunately all the other pictures I had taken at the show came out too blurry for my liking so you only get to see two/eight of the designs but I’m sure you guys can get a clear vision of the rest of the collection from these images. There was a red two piece that had pointed shoulder pads as well as a yellow and red flamenco like train – very jaffar from Aladdin – or so I thought any way ~

Oh and in other news, I have finally joined Bloglovin – an amazing app that helps to keep you up to date with latest posts from all your favourite blogs on your phone 🙂



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Have a great weekend every one! xx