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Top – Topshop

Wide Leg Denim Trousers – ASOS

Okay, this post is slightly (very) more politically charged than any other I have ever written or will ever write. Which is also why I chose to put up pictures of me looking generally dissatisfied. Recently, I’ve been overwhelmed with information about the Brexit campaign and personally, I think it’s an incredibly stupid one at that. Why would you choose to leave the EU when doing so would probably – most definitely in my opinion- lead to another recession? (I quite like being able to travel freely through Europe too)

The Brexit campaign in my eyes is entirely based upon prejudice and racism which supporters of anti-immigration revel in. Furthermore, the UK would lose out on investment from abroad and in the long run, the power of its financial sector would diminish. Bye bye influence on the global economy!

I’ve been talking to friends, family and even strangers about the upcoming EU referendum and how incredibly important it is to vote to remain. Some of the people I have talked to were actually going to vote to leave but had no reasoning behind why they had decided to do so – which was frustrating for me. And that’s when I realised that quite a few people will ultimately vote for Brexit or not at all due to being unable to gather sufficient information or judging the situation superficially. This vote really does matter to every single person that lives in Britain as its outcome will directly affect us all.

Now, I don’t normally voice my opinion in politics or on anything at all really on social media platforms but this is too important to glaze over. So, I wrote a little poem to kind of sum it up, this is also the first time I’ll be sharing my poetry on ModainLondres 🙂


Leaving without cause for letting

Creeds drawn up over times unteeming.

Investment drying over periods of heavy rain

We can’t possibly choose not to remain

Deafening roars of self subjugation versus a country with flourishing life


Of commerce and communication,

Thoughts and contemplating over treaties of trade

And financial sector complaints.

I would lose friends and so would you

If and when

The UK chooses to refrain

From staying,



Teaming with the EU.

Staying in benefits us all

Leaving will cause our country to fall.


(And my best friend will have to relocate to Germany so vote to stay thanks)


These are my two cents and although, I don’t wish to influence or corner anyone into accommodating my stance, I do want to urge everyone that is able to vote to look up information on the pros and cons. Make up your own mind on the issue and please, please vote! I know a lot of the time, we (I) think that your vote doesn’t make a difference but I know that if all the people who did think that took a stand, then the results of any election or vote for dairy-free ice cream in cafeteria’s would reflect their efforts. Ripple effect and all.

But yeah mainly vote so my best friends – both of them, won’t have to move away ok thanks xxx



DXB |2| XO






White Crop Top (Originally from Bershka) – Alternatives

Black Maxi Skirt – New Look

Khaki Green Cropped Jacket – Zara

Assorted Bangles:

Almari Gold Bangle

Almari Rose Gold Bangle

Almari Antique Thread Bangle

My outfit for the second day in Dubai was considerably more chilled than the first and I couldn’t help but feel extremely giddy at being able to wear a maxi skirt. What I’d give to live in a country with a warmer climate… sometimes I almost forget I did for sixteen years of my life (Shout out to Kenya!)

The green Zara jacket is one of my favourite pieces for the upcoming summer 2k14 (thought I’d say it like that because I find it hilarious) and the khaki threads reminds me of the colour theme present throughout Balmain’s A/W 14 collection, of the latter which I was and still am a great fan of. Pairing it together with the rest of the elements proved no great feat and the ensemble overall is one that’s very pleasant for a day during which you wish to do nothing but take in sights or relax in the warmth of the loveable suns rays.

Which is pretty much what I did.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Nailah XO

Bad boyZ Bad BoyZ



Rabbit Hole London Bottoms

American Apparel Top – Alternatives – RH1 & RH2

Dr MartensAlternatives


This man’s street style was so on point. From the leather sleeve panelled hooded sweatshirt to his brogue detailed Dr Martens. The two piece shorts + pants combo from Rabbit Hole London was a piece I knew all too well, having borrowed quite a lot of their apparel for a shoot last year. Sadly the site is down for maintenance right now so the links, although they will direct you to designated page may not allow you to check out the items at this current moment. Never fear, I’m sure it will be up soon enough!

There’s not a lot I can about this look apart from the fact that it was very well put together and very minimalist – all black, all day, every day. The style of the top/bottoms are one that a lot of up and coming london street wear brands are promoting as part of their collections lately so finding alternatives shouldn’t be a problem if need be.

I really do need to be putting up a lot more menswear posts for all the fashionable men out there (as well as the women that like to look at them). The moment I saw this man I had a sense of de-ja vu as I was certain I had seen him before – perhaps he’s a model? My friend almost melted when he took a drag of his cigarette for the photo and I couldn’t help but smile at how comfortable he seemed posing for the camera.

Alors I have a bit of sad news though, I will be away for two weeks come this Sunday and so there won’t be any posts up for quite some time. However I do have a few ventures I’m looking into for future posts while away and will be ecstatic to share them with you all as soon as I am back!

Don’t forget about me my lovelies!



Dorotea Pospihalj’s Covered and Coveted Kaftan Collection

Slovenian born, Italian educated, London based fashion designer Dorotea Pospihajl is launching her first collection for her brand Dorotea P London.

Her designs focus on eclectic traditional Middle Eastern garments with a European twist. This not only sets her apart from the various newcomers in the fashion industry but imprints her namesake brand into the minds of any who come across it. I met this talented, vibrant designer a few months ago at the fashion book launch of Fashionstyleologer London Street Fashion, a project in which she played a huge role in and she was courteous enough to agree to be interviewed.

What inspired this collection?

I was always interested in different cultures and translating different cultures through my language of designing. I started designing Kaftans with a friend of mine. We decided to create a few Kaftans just to see how it would be and culturally wise. She has a lot of contact with the Middle East and therefore I just decided why not? Why not actually start to experiment more with that sort of design? Aesthetically speaking Kaftans consist of a lot of fabric and are very voluminous. My garments were always sort of drapey and always had that sense of it’s not really European; it’s not really the standard sort of style. So I just decided to design a second line that was basically going to be just Kaftans.

What country/area in the Middle East interested you the most?

I would say that it was mainly the culture that interested me, as it is in a way conservative but then there is this really interesting contrast with the garments, there is this garment on the outside and the garment on the inside. So it’s putting that sort of relationship with dressing that interested me.

Describe the general process you go through to design and realise a piece of clothing.

A big part of my design process is definitely illustration because that is what I started from. Just illustrating the mood or just illustrating anything that is connected to our society or other cultures; things that we see every day and then from there, I get the idea of the actual theme of what it’s going to be. Then I go to fabrics, do the trimmings and I start to sort of feel the fabrics and start to understand what shape it will take on.

Are you going to span out of the Middle East?

My interest is to bring to the Western world the idea of Kaftans and make them understand that it’s not just this conservative garment that women cover their bodies with. It’s also very nice and elegant. With the way the fabric flows it can be interpreted as a dress or any other garment really.

Do you focus on embroidery as well?

That is a very interesting question and embroidery is definitely a segment that I will start exploring very soon. I have collaboration on a second collection that’s going to come out very, very soon.

Would future collections have a similar Middle Eastern theme?

Yes, for that line definitely. It will always have that classical shape but in terms of details and cuts, I always interpret it in a geographical way so it has more edgy cuts and more of a European sort of design.

What sort of fashion illustrations do you do? Do others commission you to design for them or is it mainly your own concepts you illustrate?

Yes. I do illustrate for myself and I also get commissioned. My collaborations are usually with a Fashion brand or collaborations in terms of art. Usually when people commission me, I have to follow guidelines and ideas and concepts of their work but I always incorporate my own signature which is my way of sketching, illustrating and combining different forms of media.

When did you realise you wanted to be a fashion designer?

Probably by the time I moved to Milan when I was 18. Before that I was more of an illustrator and interested in actual sketching.

What was the first article of clothing you ever designed?

I would say it was this jersey jumpsuit that was overall draped and wrinkled with straps and so it kind of looked like a mummy. The concept behind that was, I was working on a collection that was themed ‘The Urban Warrior’, so I was always designing clothes that would protect you from our society and the way we live now. So the garments were sort of shields that would keep you safe.

How long have you worked as a designer?

If I didn’t call myself a designer then I guess since I finished school and started working in the fashion industry and the recent start up of my own brand, which is a really big change. So I’d say five years.

What is your opinion on the fashion industry at this moment; do the designers that make it big focus mainly on Western design?

People that are successful are usually, yes, designers that focus on safe things and have great exposure in the European fashion scene.

What tips would you give to a budding fashion designer?

I would recommend them to work hard and more than that not to take things personally because it is a very tough industry. It’s not an easy environment especially for young people that don’t have much confidence but have dreams and hope and are really eager to actually work hard. It not only takes a lot of determination but also being tough inside and not letting anything get to you.

Have you sold any of your pieces yet?

I’m mostly distributing in Dubai now and have a few clients in Kuwait.

Where can readers buy your designs?

At the moment, I’m taking orders privately but as soon as boutiques update their collections, the pieces will be available at their shops as well as my website.

You can contact Dorotea to inquire about her collection at


doroteaplondon-kaftan-4628 doroteaplondon-kaftan-4763  doroteaplondon-kaftan-4919 doroteaplondon-kaftan

The two lovely ladies captured in Dorotea’s equally lovely garments are:

Blogger Aizey Mirza of

& Blogger Edita Lozovska of

Vintage Fendi’s and Rainbow Love


Similar Maxi ShirtsEbay, YesStyle and YesStyle 2

Black Skinny JeansAsos

ShirtMarcus Lupfer


Hat Topshop (Sold Out)

Bag – Vintage Fendi (Ebay)

I was on the train on the way back from the private viewing of artist Halima Cassell’s new work at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre and was caught up in my own mind as always, I had been thinking  ‘I wonder why I haven’t seen anyone style long shirt dresses/jackets with t-shirts in so long’. Twenty seconds later (maybe thirty) I saw this girl walking in from of me. I legit could not contain my glee! And of course I asked to photograph her. This is genuinely such a great look.  It’s so… chic. The only flaw I could see with this as a whole was the green fedora hat (I didn’t think it flowed too well) but it didn’t look too out of place either.

Another detail that caught my eye was the vintage Fendi bag, now I adore all things Fendi and I can’t help but think I had seen it before in a charity shop in Brick Lane. I was right. It was the SAME exact bag I had been ogling two weeks ago, how strange! Perhaps this is the universe’s way of letting me know I should have bought it when I had had the chance.



Now I saved the best for last. I saw this amazing couple in Kings Cross St Pancras station and was awe-spired by their synergy. The vibrant colours, eye catching mix and match prints/patterns, the makeup, the facial hair? Wow. Just wow. I ran towards them as soon as they came into my range of peripheral vision. Asides from looking incredible in their chosen attire they are also well travelled, the clothing they are wearing has been collected from various corners of the globe. Be it from Thailand, Japan or Australia, you name it, they were wearing it.

A relationship in which both complement the others style, that mi amor, is what I want. Find me a man who’d agree to go out in public with me when I sport Princess Leia buns and he may put a ring on this finger. It would just be an added bonus if he wore his hair that way too 😉

Bjs Nailah **

Persephone Silk and Mint Green



TrousersZalando, Zara and Asos (Original were from a charity shop)


Similar Brogue shoesNewlook

I was waiting outside the Topshop in Oxford Circus for a friend and noticed this girl and her great style. Sometimes the outfits that people wear look to have been thrown together by mistake as though that person had just woken up and picked what to wear with their eyes still glued shut as they reminisced about their dreams. This ensemble was definitely not from that criteria.

Seeing the lapelled coat and silk printed shirt paired with the skin tight white trousers and tan brogue shoes literally brought a smile to my face. I especially liked that her Mint green headphones (Amazon) corresponded with her outfit. Only the truly fashion savvy are able to tweak their accessories to flow with their garb.

She was also really sweet and even complimented me on the necklace I had been wearing. The surprise that registers on people’s faces when I ask to photograph them for this blog really does make my day because I know that it, in a way, makes theirs 🙂

Hope everyone has a lovely week! Bjs **

Sofisticados Chique


ScarfMatalan – A bargain at £6!




Black Patent Croc Toe CapNewlook


Similar Statement Necklace Ebay , Asos and Topshop


I thought this look was effortlessly chic. The exclusion of pattern and print on the garments was made up for by the intricate floral design statement necklace and striped headscarf. This look just exudes an air of sophistication. Over all, very well put together.