Flores do Brazil


Black Leather Look Pocket T-shirt – TOPMAN

Similar Floral Printed Trousers (Original were a brazilian brand that he couldn’t recall) can be gotten at – AliExpress (which takes about two weeks to deliver) and Ebay. The latter link expires in 25 days so make sure you grab these beautiful floral printed pants whilst you still can!

Grey knit BeanieRiver Island

Pineapple Necklace/PendantEtsy

Boots Dr Martens


I love, love, loved the floral printed trousers! The baggy pants paired with the well fitting black t-shirt with the leather pocket and the grey beanie + the gold pineapple necklace was a marvellous mix and match. I wish more men would embrace the floral hues and prints that the spring/summer seasons throw at us every year.

There’s a reason as to why many people (not just I) find Brazilian people so attractive, its not only their charming disposition or the fact that they speak one my favourite languages, it’s also due to their exotic style and manner in which they carry themselves.

And this Brasileiro carried it off perfectly!

This look whispers one word to me, a genteel, whimsical word that reached its peak popularity in France in the early 19th century; Bohemian.




Similar cropped Denim waistcoat at – River Island

Sleeveless hoodieAsos

Snapback substitute

Black undershirtNew Look

Similar printed jackets at –Asos and Missguided

What mainly caught my eye about this outfit was the layering involved. The element of denim combined with the satiny floral jacket and sleeveless hooded sweatshirt is almost soothing to the eyes. The long black blouse underneath seems to serve as a template on which the rest of the outfit pieces are presented on. That coupled with the snapback, simple black leggings and plimsolls creates a very fashionable overview.
You wouldn’t think the distinct pieces in this photo would mesh well together but here is the living proof that they do. They really do.

Kudos to this Italian beauty and her sense of style.