Groovy prints and Vintage Tribly’s



Green Trilby Hat – I found a similar model at UrbanExcess  (The original was vintage)


Denim JacketZara

Jeans – Zara

Shoes Vans

I liked how varied the colour scheme of this outfit was, the yellow twill Vans were surprising seeing as there was no other tinge of the colour on the rest of his form. Especially dug the hat (I have a collection of my own) and the acid wash jeans + denim jacket. Denim, Denim, Denim. I’m sort of crazy about it, especially pairing different shades together! The lighter denim jacket and the acid wash denim jeans worked out for this guy which doesn’t surprise me in the least as in my experience men are able to carry off these kind of denim collaborations very well.

The print on the shirt can only be described with one word by me; Groovy. It’s very much something that I myself would wear as I also have a thing for mens’ clothing- hence why most of my guy friends won’t lend me their jackets or sweatshirts due to fear that I’ll never give them back (They are right to be afraid).

As a side note, has anyone been to Convent Garden recently? Some of the street performers there are actually terrifyingly good! Give it a go if you’re in need for some entertainment  🙂

Hope everyone has a good week! Bjs **