Wednesday Wants

Wednesday Wants

Black faux fur coat
$85 –

Gold stackable ring

Club Manhattan hinged bangle
$34 –

This set was inspired by a day spent at work pretending to be Miranda Priestley’s assistant and an ongoing Ebay war over a similar looking monochrome faux fur jacket.
I love the sleeveless turtleneck (been an ongoing advocate for them since mid September) and need it in my life. The folds and cut of the turtleneck gives it an edge of modernism, which I adore, adore, adore!
Same can be said for the style of the leather skirt, I’ve been a fan of asymmetrical design for quite some time now – Ever since I set eyes on my first Alexander McQueen mullet dress to be precise. Ricardo Tisci has revolutionized Givenchy and I pay ode to him in this post for the leather skirt which came into being through his guiding hand. (Thank you Ricardo, grazie mille!)
The boots are a favourite because,well, they’re pretty and who could attest to their practicality in these cold grey times that we call Winter? Also how many pairs of heeled boots would count as too many? (I may just own too many)
The faux coat I wasn’t too sure about pairing with the rest of the ensemble but I do love it -bidding for one that’s almost exactly like it on Ebay at the moment, fingers crossed I win! I added it on to this set to lend it a bit of quirky youthfulness. I have a tendency to dress older than most my age which often gets me mistaken for being a bit older too. Ah well, who ever said that was a bad thing? Oddly enough I’ve never had a particular liking for Gold jewellery but the bangle and stackable rings are all items that are on my wishlist and the lip colour, which is of a matte plum colouring is one I wear quite a lot. It is so, so lush! (Try it!)
So, these are my Wednesday wants, what are yours?
Hope everyone’s having a good week so far!**

Faux Fur & Leather


When I asked this woman where she got her apparel from she told me it was all from China, so all the links provided will be alternatives that either look the same or are similar!

White shirtEbay

Black faux fur giletEbay (Just £20 + about £4 extra for postage. SO much cheaper than the ones from Asos or Topshop!)

High waisted leather shortsNEWLOOK


Loved everything about this look especially the faux fur and leather combination.

I would definitely wear the outfit myself but perhaps with more accessories like a large flowery headpiece. I’ve been really into them lately (absolutely adore them).

Will DEFINITELY be getting the fur gilet for myself.

I think everyone should have one to be honest. I mean, it’s cosy, it’s warm, it’s fashionable and it ships worldwide!