Danish Vogue



Inner white t-shirtAsos

Green cardiganSelected Femme

Floral patterned shorts – The shorts she’s wearing are also from the Danish brand Selected Femme, the site doesn’t currently stock them but there are always substitutes!

These shorts are also from Selected Femme  however there are plenty of flowery printed alternatives such as Missguided 1 and Missguided 2

Substitute shoes (Originals were from Topshop) – New Look 1 , New Look 2 and River Island

Her necklace and bag are currently sold out on the Pieces website but there are plenty of other wonderful bags and necklaces on the site that are worth giving a look!


This woman was truly my saviour of the day. I had almost given up hope on finding anyone to photograph and had a momentary bout of panic. So I sought refuge in a Catholic church on Liverpool street, this may strike some as funny as I’m neither Catholic nor a Christian but it’s my belief that any house of worship can serve as a medium to God in times of need.

Although after a good seven minutes or so, the eery silence got to be a bit too eerie for me and I had to leave but it did help to relax my mind. A couple of minutes later I happened to come across her (Miraculous eh?)

She works for the Danish retailer/designer Selected Femme and so all the clothes worn by her in the picture above are part of their collection. The prices may shock you at first as they did me but I relaxed after I figured out how to convert the Danish Krone to Sterling. (Maths came in handy after all)

There’s some really cool apparel and accessories on the Selected Femme Site!

So make sure to check it out, I’m quite glad I discovered them today myself 🙂