Buffalo’s back!




Coat – Cyberdog

Leggings – ASDA?!

Shoes – Buffalo

So yesterday, whilst I was on my way to an interview for one of the universities I’d applied to – an interview I thought I was going to be late for- I came across this eclectic shock of colour and visual appeasement. I knew I had no time to spare but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to photograph such a look!

Can you believe those leggings are from ASDA? Can you? I couldn’t when I first heard so! The shoes are amazing though, I always knew Buffalo platforms would make a comeback, I just wasn’t sure when. This whole ensemble gave off a modernist vibe, fitting enough as Cyberdog is known for their far into the future designs which have been known to shock quite a few (and by that I mean a lot) people. Their cutting edge style and inherent funkiness have tided many, who find the vast majority of what’s in the high street stores to be boring, over to being their faithful consorts. Truth be told, I quite like it and think that it will blow up as a trend in the next few years. Only time will tell!

Asides from that, I did make it to my interview on time! Ten minutes early to be exact and it went incredibly well. My interviewer turned out to have an aunt who was the New York Vogue’s editor in the 1950’s and a mother who collected countless pieces by the late and ever so missed Yves Saint Laurent. We talked about fashion the whole time with no mention of literature whatsoever (applying for an English degree!) and she stated that it was a good interview that I should be proud of and that she was sure I would be offered a place at the university. I was thrilled!

Also expect new post coming your way this weekend featuring a piece from the Kardashian Collection for Lipsy! The dress just arrived in the mail today and it is gorgeous! Looking forward to sharing the look I have planned with you all :]

Have a great day everyone!

Bjs Nailah **