Vintage Fendi’s and Rainbow Love


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Hat Topshop (Sold Out)

Bag – Vintage Fendi (Ebay)

I was on the train on the way back from the private viewing of artist Halima Cassell’s new work at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre and was caught up in my own mind as always, I had been thinking  ‘I wonder why I haven’t seen anyone style long shirt dresses/jackets with t-shirts in so long’. Twenty seconds later (maybe thirty) I saw this girl walking in from of me. I legit could not contain my glee! And of course I asked to photograph her. This is genuinely such a great look.  It’s so… chic. The only flaw I could see with this as a whole was the green fedora hat (I didn’t think it flowed too well) but it didn’t look too out of place either.

Another detail that caught my eye was the vintage Fendi bag, now I adore all things Fendi and I can’t help but think I had seen it before in a charity shop in Brick Lane. I was right. It was the SAME exact bag I had been ogling two weeks ago, how strange! Perhaps this is the universe’s way of letting me know I should have bought it when I had had the chance.



Now I saved the best for last. I saw this amazing couple in Kings Cross St Pancras station and was awe-spired by their synergy. The vibrant colours, eye catching mix and match prints/patterns, the makeup, the facial hair? Wow. Just wow. I ran towards them as soon as they came into my range of peripheral vision. Asides from looking incredible in their chosen attire they are also well travelled, the clothing they are wearing has been collected from various corners of the globe. Be it from Thailand, Japan or Australia, you name it, they were wearing it.

A relationship in which both complement the others style, that mi amor, is what I want. Find me a man who’d agree to go out in public with me when I sport Princess Leia buns and he may put a ring on this finger. It would just be an added bonus if he wore his hair that way too 😉

Bjs Nailah **

1920’s Lovechild


(She really got into character, what character that was… we’re not quite sure of yet)


I had one of my best friends, Amy, model the Goldie dress I got from the American Apparel Secret Sale in Brick Lane.

Bought it for the stellar price of £20, a really good deal as it usually retails for £39 on the Goldie London site! (There are also various other colours to choose from)

It’s a beautiful lace dress, fits very well and has quite a sophisticated look about it. Great for a night out!

The Jennika block cut out heels I saw in a random shop in Almada, Portugal when I was on holiday and fell deep in love with. On further research I found out that they’re a Nigerian brand that only delivers nationwide.

HOWEVER I did find similar shoes that are almost exactly alike!

Ebay 1 delivers to The Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe. All for the price of £13 and that includes postage! I wish that was the price I paid for my pair but the shoes are so honestly worth it! Extremely comfortable and easy to walk with. I haven’t tripped whilst wearing them once! (An amazing feat as I’m a complete klutz and occasionally trip over flat surfaces.)

Ebay 2 on the other hand delivers worldwide and are almost identical to my own pair!


The reason as to why this look in particular appeals to me so much is because it resonates one of my most ideal and favourable fashion eras; the 1920’s. The long lace dress is seemingly conservative enough had it not been for the slip underneath being of a shorter length. It creates a picturesque image of a woman who is sexy yet in control and comfortable in her own skin. One who is not afraid to express herself or voice her opinion and take action much like the women of the 1920’s although they are no Emily Pankhurst. When I see this outfit put together, in my mind I envision long tapered cigarette holders being held in feminine yet able hands and strands of pearls around elegant long necks (that’s why the pearl headband was used in this photo shoot).

This dress to me embodies the rights of women and their struggle to obtain equality and freedom from the shackles of an incredibly chauvinistic society, all whilst preserving their self importance and integrity.