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There is nothing that Robyn Fenty can’t do. She’s a pop star, fashion icon/muse, sock designer and now, a beauty mogul.

Her new cosmetics line ‘Fenty Beauty’ has an all-inclusive ethos and so there is something for everyone, no matter his or her skin colour or type. There are 40 shades of Fenty foundation to pick from, the tones ranging from very pale to very dark with tonnes of in-between shades that often get left out. The brand also offers bespoke colour matching, so if you can’t find your shade, they’ll mix it up for you.

Asides from the impressive range of tones within the PRO FILT’R foundations, they are also very light on the skin, creating a smooth almost matte glow. Similarly, the Match Stix Matte Skinstick comes in 20 shades and provides fuller coverage due to its creamier, thicker consistency. Both choices of foundation sit lightly on the skin and remain incredibly breathable even when layered to build up coverage. The exuberant and youthful glow present within her range comes from Rih Rih’s own tried and tested makeup routine, each product was then engineered to accompany the creation of the ‘Fenty Face’. Additionally, the hexagonal shapes of her compacts as well as her tubular products are not only cute but also practical; the magnetic packaging clips together in a way that is truly satisfying.


[Photo credit: Fenty Beauty]

The highlighters, in my opinion, are gag worthy! Trophy Wife is a golden hue that when brushed onto the skin illuminates one’s cheekbones and brows with a plethora of golden sparkles. Seeing is definitely, believing and I had to try it for myself to truly appreciate the magnitude of the magna-gold. Another favourite was the duo highlighter Ginger Binge/Moscow Mule – a beautiful cinnamon crimson sheen that dazzles on any skin tone.

One thing I have never really been interested by has been blush sticks or any sort of shimmer stick – to me they’ve always, kind of been a shtick. But that was before I met Yatch Life. The shimmer stick glides effortlessly onto the skin, dispensing just the right amount of product that you can always double up on if you need more. It’s super blendable, which is always a great thing but the colour – an almost pale baby pink – is manipulated on the skin and takes on a pink gold sheen that could easily be used anywhere. And I do mean anywhere. Be it brow bones, cheekbones, cupid bows, the inner corner of your eye, the whole of your eyelid. The options are limitless. The other shades in the Shimmer Stick range were just as enticing, Confetti – a beautiful light blue purple sheen with navy sparkles was a second favourite of mine and the colours Rum and Ridiiic were just as smoky and fun as their names.

Rih Rih has done us proud with the tonal inclusivity of her range – not that we might have expected any less. The products are fun and exciting to use, as she asserted ahead of the launch “Makeup is there for you to have fun with. It should never feel like a pressure. It should never feel like a uniform. Feel free to take chances, and take risks, and dare to do something new or different.”

Feminist Flare


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T-Shirt – Pimkie

Trousers – Zara

Sliders – Fila

Eyewear – HM

I don’t often shop at Zara but they have done well by me on the last shopping excursion I had (R.I.P Overdraft). These pants are probably my favourite thing in the world at the moment, they give me so much life with the socket buttons at the bottom half that can be fastened to show a sexy bit of leg (and give you a bit of the breeze in warm climates) or kept shut to give a more demure kind of look. They remind me a bit of speed racer (and I just googled the cartoon to see if that made sense) with the colour scheme and I can totally see him rocking these if he were a bit more fashion orientated – I mean the red scarf is still a look and who know, maybe I’ll incorporate that staple into a look with these beauties at some point.

The shirt is a simple little statement that I rock to the core, after all – FUCK THE PATRIARCHY! is definitely one of my favourite phrases (and genuinely, fuck it to hell and beyond). There has been a rivulet of pro feminist protest T-shirts this year, with Marc Jacobs (amongst many other designers) including them within their brands and I have wanted one for quite a while now, so when I saw this simple little number at Pimkie, I thought, why not? I want one, it’s super cheap, let’s get one! So I got it. I think style is an incredibly personal expression of one’s self and I’m with the idea of having my clothes express my thoughts, what I stand for and believe in, as well as what I don’t.

Now I wasn’t partial to sliders for a very long, long time but a good friend of mine (S/O to Princess Fabia) swore by the comfort of hers and I gave it a go with the FILA sliders. I’ve got to admit that she was right, they are by far the most comfortable shoes I have ever had and they’re pretty cute too (and they match the colour scheme of the trousers!). I went pretty bare on the accessories with this one, my fashion shades from H&M were the only thing I had on. And they kind of paint the world in sunlight when they’re on your face – something I appreciated very much in London (Lisbon, not so much)

Overall, I’m just really excited to make the most of my cute ass pants. Look out for more on ModainLondres soon!


Colourful Curiousity







Bardot Top – New Look

Jeans – Urban Outfitters

Shoes – Office

Scarf – Vintage


This was the second part of my visit to Portobello Market and it’s leaning more so onto the picturesque side of the little (long) road that houses the market. The multicoloured houses made me reminisce of the pretty little Dutch houses I had seen in Amsterdam last year. Although, the colours were slightly prettier pastel shades of blue, green, pink and tangerine. It was all a bit dreamy and I loved the setting of space within those housing blocks.

I’ve got a thing for off the shoulder tops as you can tell from the these posts, nothing makes me happier than feeling the sun on my shoulders and the wind in my hair. Despite London’s temperamental weather it was a good day to be out and about and I just want to pause for a second and shout out my friend’s sister Ruee for taking these great pictures. You’re both real MVP’s and I’d be lost without your direction x (Thanks again for showing me Portobello Market Charlottie!)

The car I’m posing next was surprisingly enough, a really kitschy cab and I for one would love to be driven around in it. It made me feel happier the instant I set eyes on it with its meticulously decorated exterior. Inspirationally flower power orientated, it was full of vibrancy and in my opinion was quite soulful. So, I guess the name of the cab (company?) Karma cabs was fitting haha.

Before I get off track, the boat neck top I’m wearing was actually very comfortable and sat easily on my shoulders. I know a lot of the time we can get apprehensive about boat neck/off the shoulder tops due to their penchant to ride up, definitely not a problem with this particular fit! A real bargain at £17.99 too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the last two posts on ModainLondres, I’m off on holiday starting tomorrow so the next few blog posts will be set in sunny Lisbon. The city that forever has my heart in its grips. And before I forget, I tried my hand at curating a little look video for this post (which I couldn’t post on this blog for some reason) that is currently up on my Instagram.

Here’s the link: https://www.instagram.com/reinha.n/ or for ease of access, you could just click onto the Instagram link that’s on the side panel of my blog for a look see 🙂

Have a wonderful day xxx

Fashionstyleology Illustration Exhibition

On Saturday the 14th of September, the renowned Gallery Different played host to FASHIONSTYLEOLOGY’s fashion illustration exhibition titled “Illustrating Dreams”. On showcase was the work of five incredibly talented London based artists helping to bring together their diverse backgrounds and illustrating styles for the public to see.  In short it was an evening that inspired many through the work of the celebrated artists.


The ever so lovely Dorotea  Posphihajl’s illustration’s was one of the first I noticed on the gallery wall. Second to what makes her one to look out for apart from her vibrant personality is her sense of style. She was sporting one of her own designs from her new Kaftan collection and is set to launch her newly established brand Dorotea P London soon which focuses on eclectic traditional Middle Eastern garments with a European twist.


To be a Fashionstyleologer is to be one who utilizes a variation of skill sets when it comes to fashion. Be it photography, styling, blogging and/or writing. The philosophy of Fashionstyleology is embodied in Dorotea’s fashion illustration above as different elements such as paintbrushes, pencils and scissors etc. represent the figures Edward scissorhand-esque ‘fingers’.

Katarina Voloder who first caught my eye because of her enviously long legs got her name cemented in my mind when I saw her artwork. The bold graphics she told me took her a few hours to draw and were perfected through her experimentation with signature prints that usually find themselves on accessories. The end result is an eye-catching illustration whose edgy dynamism does not overshadow the feminine detail.


Next on the wall was the highly reputable Alina Zamanova. Her intricate designs combined with her one of a kind prints caught many people’s eyes that evening. The illustration that she’s standing next to on the left was crafted using the British music scene as a muse whereas the artwork on her right was created as a representation of the well-known blogger, Ivania Carpio (Love aesthetics). The minimalist color scheme of her illustrations makes them appear solid enough yet the elaborate details provide layering to her work, which never fails to excite.


Then came Orch Eratli paying homage to homegrown British talent. Orch’s illustrations are of a picture book style design and use watercolors as the main material and thus are set apart almost instantly from the rest on the wall. Orch commented that he draws what is in his mind and exaggerates the clothing on his illustrations to put across his vision to others. Below is his favorite illustration that was on display on the night titled ‘The Man in the Scarf’.


The fifth illustrator whose work was exhibited in the gallery was none other than the self-confessed part time insomniac Nas Abraham.  His artwork combines the resources of digital print alongside others such as oil paints and color pencils. In speaking to him about his artwork, it seems his versatility is key to the reason as to why his illustrations capture ones eye and emanate an almost 3D-like effect. His illustrations were labeled Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3; which is how long it took for him to complete them. Below is Day 1.


The five illustrators were handpicked from a talent pool by Fashionstyleology having being scouted through various mediums – Alina Zamanova for example was contacted through Instagram.  Artists were then mandated to come up with innovative ideas for the final illustrations over a period of four days. Not only was this a remarkable feat given the timeframe but the end result is almost awe-inspiring as the talent and creativity is nothing short of brilliance. The culmination of these five artists and their illustrations made for an excellent night and one that I will not forget. They are definitely one’s to watch out for!