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Rabbit Hole London Bottoms

American Apparel Top – Alternatives – RH1 & RH2

Dr MartensAlternatives


This man’s street style was so on point. From the leather sleeve panelled hooded sweatshirt to his brogue detailed Dr Martens. The two piece shorts + pants combo from Rabbit Hole London was a piece I knew all too well, having borrowed quite a lot of their apparel for a shoot last year. Sadly the site is down for maintenance right now so the links, although they will direct you to designated page may not allow you to check out the items at this current moment. Never fear, I’m sure it will be up soon enough!

There’s not a lot I can about this look apart from the fact that it was very well put together and very minimalist – all black, all day, every day. The style of the top/bottoms are one that a lot of up and coming london street wear brands are promoting as part of their collections lately so finding alternatives shouldn’t be a problem if need be.

I really do need to be putting up a lot more menswear posts for all the fashionable men out there (as well as the women that like to look at them). The moment I saw this man I had a sense of de-ja vu as I was certain I had seen him before – perhaps he’s a model? My friend almost melted when he took a drag of his cigarette for the photo and I couldn’t help but smile at how comfortable he seemed posing for the camera.

Alors I have a bit of sad news though, I will be away for two weeks come this Sunday and so there won’t be any posts up for quite some time. However I do have a few ventures I’m looking into for future posts while away and will be ecstatic to share them with you all as soon as I am back!

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1920’s Lovechild


(She really got into character, what character that was… we’re not quite sure of yet)


I had one of my best friends, Amy, model the Goldie dress I got from the American Apparel Secret Sale in Brick Lane.

Bought it for the stellar price of £20, a really good deal as it usually retails for £39 on the Goldie London site! (There are also various other colours to choose from)

It’s a beautiful lace dress, fits very well and has quite a sophisticated look about it. Great for a night out!

The Jennika block cut out heels I saw in a random shop in Almada, Portugal when I was on holiday and fell deep in love with. On further research I found out that they’re a Nigerian brand that only delivers nationwide.

HOWEVER I did find similar shoes that are almost exactly alike!

Ebay 1 delivers to The Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe. All for the price of £13 and that includes postage! I wish that was the price I paid for my pair but the shoes are so honestly worth it! Extremely comfortable and easy to walk with. I haven’t tripped whilst wearing them once! (An amazing feat as I’m a complete klutz and occasionally trip over flat surfaces.)

Ebay 2 on the other hand delivers worldwide and are almost identical to my own pair!


The reason as to why this look in particular appeals to me so much is because it resonates one of my most ideal and favourable fashion eras; the 1920’s. The long lace dress is seemingly conservative enough had it not been for the slip underneath being of a shorter length. It creates a picturesque image of a woman who is sexy yet in control and comfortable in her own skin. One who is not afraid to express herself or voice her opinion and take action much like the women of the 1920’s although they are no Emily Pankhurst. When I see this outfit put together, in my mind I envision long tapered cigarette holders being held in feminine yet able hands and strands of pearls around elegant long necks (that’s why the pearl headband was used in this photo shoot).

This dress to me embodies the rights of women and their struggle to obtain equality and freedom from the shackles of an incredibly chauvinistic society, all whilst preserving their self importance and integrity.