Fur Fur Faux


Bleue Faux Fur CoatTopshop

Faux Fur StoleTopshop

Checkered Dress alternativeRiver Island

I adore the alternate faux fur colour scheme this girl was wearing, the light blue and the pastel peach stole went well together and served as my route of escape from one of the promoters outside Shepherd’s Bush station. The reason as to why people adore the (in my own words) dreaded Winter season has always evaded me but I think I may be starting to realise the basis for their ardour. These cold, cold months give rise to fashion that we otherwise keep under wraps, rise to the layers and fabrics that stay silent during the warmer months. Recently I’ve been quite taken aback by the fur trend  (faux of course). My primary coat for this season is faux fur itself and I wouldn’t want it any other way, it’s the Brown version of this coat by M&S and I am honestly in love. It keeps me super toasty and looking on point haha.

What’s your winter coat like? I’d love to know xo


Buffalo’s back!




Coat – Cyberdog

Leggings – ASDA?!

Shoes – Buffalo

So yesterday, whilst I was on my way to an interview for one of the universities I’d applied to – an interview I thought I was going to be late for- I came across this eclectic shock of colour and visual appeasement. I knew I had no time to spare but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to photograph such a look!

Can you believe those leggings are from ASDA? Can you? I couldn’t when I first heard so! The shoes are amazing though, I always knew Buffalo platforms would make a comeback, I just wasn’t sure when. This whole ensemble gave off a modernist vibe, fitting enough as Cyberdog is known for their far into the future designs which have been known to shock quite a few (and by that I mean a lot) people. Their cutting edge style and inherent funkiness have tided many, who find the vast majority of what’s in the high street stores to be boring, over to being their faithful consorts. Truth be told, I quite like it and think that it will blow up as a trend in the next few years. Only time will tell!

Asides from that, I did make it to my interview on time! Ten minutes early to be exact and it went incredibly well. My interviewer turned out to have an aunt who was the New York Vogue’s editor in the 1950’s and a mother who collected countless pieces by the late and ever so missed Yves Saint Laurent. We talked about fashion the whole time with no mention of literature whatsoever (applying for an English degree!) and she stated that it was a good interview that I should be proud of and that she was sure I would be offered a place at the university. I was thrilled!

Also expect new post coming your way this weekend featuring a piece from the Kardashian Collection for Lipsy! The dress just arrived in the mail today and it is gorgeous! Looking forward to sharing the look I have planned with you all :]

Have a great day everyone!

Bjs Nailah **

Modern Day Vampire



The buttoned up white collared shirt, the trench coat like wrap around jacket with faux leather panelling, the skinnies, the subtle hint of eyeliner and that great hat. (You will not believe where the clothing is from!)

I was hanging out in Camden Town when this icy beauty caught my friend Ibby’s eye, he told me to turn around and that’s when I saw him walking off in front of us. Of course I ran after him to ask if I could take this picture. What really surprised me though is that the clothing; the hat, the shirt and that beautiful jacket are all from PRIMARK!

I was shocked but it’s true that Primark have been doing considerably well in terms of the quality and style of their apparel this year. For example, I’ve had my faux leather backpack with the Gold embellishments  for over three months now and although I use it practically everyday, it still hasn’t shown any sign of wear and tear. Usually with Primark the problem is that the clothes/accessories don’t last all that long before they begin to fade/shrink/wither away. Well this doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore!

I may just need to pay a visit to the store myself 🙂

Vintage Fendi’s and Rainbow Love


Similar Maxi ShirtsEbay, YesStyle and YesStyle 2

Black Skinny JeansAsos

ShirtMarcus Lupfer


Hat Topshop (Sold Out)

Bag – Vintage Fendi (Ebay)

I was on the train on the way back from the private viewing of artist Halima Cassell’s new work at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre and was caught up in my own mind as always, I had been thinking  ‘I wonder why I haven’t seen anyone style long shirt dresses/jackets with t-shirts in so long’. Twenty seconds later (maybe thirty) I saw this girl walking in from of me. I legit could not contain my glee! And of course I asked to photograph her. This is genuinely such a great look.  It’s so… chic. The only flaw I could see with this as a whole was the green fedora hat (I didn’t think it flowed too well) but it didn’t look too out of place either.

Another detail that caught my eye was the vintage Fendi bag, now I adore all things Fendi and I can’t help but think I had seen it before in a charity shop in Brick Lane. I was right. It was the SAME exact bag I had been ogling two weeks ago, how strange! Perhaps this is the universe’s way of letting me know I should have bought it when I had had the chance.



Now I saved the best for last. I saw this amazing couple in Kings Cross St Pancras station and was awe-spired by their synergy. The vibrant colours, eye catching mix and match prints/patterns, the makeup, the facial hair? Wow. Just wow. I ran towards them as soon as they came into my range of peripheral vision. Asides from looking incredible in their chosen attire they are also well travelled, the clothing they are wearing has been collected from various corners of the globe. Be it from Thailand, Japan or Australia, you name it, they were wearing it.

A relationship in which both complement the others style, that mi amor, is what I want. Find me a man who’d agree to go out in public with me when I sport Princess Leia buns and he may put a ring on this finger. It would just be an added bonus if he wore his hair that way too 😉

Bjs Nailah **

Groovy prints and Vintage Tribly’s



Green Trilby Hat – I found a similar model at UrbanExcess  (The original was vintage)


Denim JacketZara

Jeans – Zara

Shoes Vans

I liked how varied the colour scheme of this outfit was, the yellow twill Vans were surprising seeing as there was no other tinge of the colour on the rest of his form. Especially dug the hat (I have a collection of my own) and the acid wash jeans + denim jacket. Denim, Denim, Denim. I’m sort of crazy about it, especially pairing different shades together! The lighter denim jacket and the acid wash denim jeans worked out for this guy which doesn’t surprise me in the least as in my experience men are able to carry off these kind of denim collaborations very well.

The print on the shirt can only be described with one word by me; Groovy. It’s very much something that I myself would wear as I also have a thing for mens’ clothing- hence why most of my guy friends won’t lend me their jackets or sweatshirts due to fear that I’ll never give them back (They are right to be afraid).

As a side note, has anyone been to Convent Garden recently? Some of the street performers there are actually terrifyingly good! Give it a go if you’re in need for some entertainment  🙂

Hope everyone has a good week! Bjs **

Renaissance Sweatshirts and Leather Skirts


HUF BeanieEbay


Leather SkirtH&M

Red Leather Tote BagEtsy

Stopped this girl as soon as she stepped out of the Oxford Circus train station yesterday as her style immediately drew my attention. The Givenchy sweatshirt is a person favourite for me as I’ve been crazy about them as soon as I saw that they were Renaissance inspired! The Renaissance era is one I would have loved to have been born in and so I try to immerse myself in the art and culture of that time period whenever I have the opportunity to. Unfortunately my bank account doesn’t always allow me to do so. As my father says, it would take me up to five years to save up for a Givenchy Sweatshirt on my own BUT there is a reason as to why I’m his favourite daughter 😉

Beijinhos **

Persephone Silk and Mint Green



TrousersZalando, Zara and Asos (Original were from a charity shop)


Similar Brogue shoesNewlook

I was waiting outside the Topshop in Oxford Circus for a friend and noticed this girl and her great style. Sometimes the outfits that people wear look to have been thrown together by mistake as though that person had just woken up and picked what to wear with their eyes still glued shut as they reminisced about their dreams. This ensemble was definitely not from that criteria.

Seeing the lapelled coat and silk printed shirt paired with the skin tight white trousers and tan brogue shoes literally brought a smile to my face. I especially liked that her Mint green headphones (Amazon) corresponded with her outfit. Only the truly fashion savvy are able to tweak their accessories to flow with their garb.

She was also really sweet and even complimented me on the necklace I had been wearing. The surprise that registers on people’s faces when I ask to photograph them for this blog really does make my day because I know that it, in a way, makes theirs 🙂

Hope everyone has a lovely week! Bjs **