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Welcome to Moda in Londres, literally translating to Fashion in London, a blog dedicated to all things fashion. Whilst there are countless fashion blogs on the internet, Moda in Londres will hopefully become a part of the fashion blogging community where ordinary people are captured by my camera to encapsulate their own personal, extraordinary style. As one of the primary fashion capitals of the world, there are a spectrum of styles walking past us everyday in various shapes and forms, emanating from different cultures and locations.

I’ve always felt that fashion is synonymous with life as it isn’t restricted to a particular gender, race or nationality, and being London born to a Kenyan father of Indian origin and a Portuguese mother, fashion has always been an incredible outlet for expressing myself. So with this in mind, I decided during my gap year that I would start this blog to share with others what is so dear to myself – my perception of fashion.


For any enquiries please email me at modainlondres@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh, dear. I went through every post and your blog is certainly entertaining and interesting. I love it! I wish to see more soon and I’m so proud of you.

    ~secret admirer (aka sasi)

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