From the Hoods to Japan, Harajuku Girls ❤






Flower Pin – Ebay 

Two Toned Monochrome Shirt – AliExpress

Sheer Black Kaftan – H&M

Black High-Waisted Skinnies – Topshop

Chunky Two Tone Camden Boots – ASOS (Out of Stock) Alternatives – River Island


Bonjour mon petit fleurs,

I thought I’d be all charming and French for my first post in over 10 days(!) I admit that I have been quite bad but hopefully this look makes up for it ❤

I’m not quite sure how it worked out as well as it did but pictures don’t quite do this ensemble any justice. I got the blouse off the brilliant (and quite beautifully) priced Chinese retailer site AliExpress a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with it as soon as I saw just how much better it looked in reality than in the pictures on the site. I’ve been going through a monochrome phase which more or less started when I had a day trip out to Birmingham with a couple of close friends, so this outfit is one of the few I’ve put together over the last week.

The kaftan which I’ve been using as a drape over on top of my bedtime cami slips (don’t judge me! I just like to look good for myself rather than only doll myself up when in the company of a man – scandalous eh?), worked well over the shirt and being of a sheer material didn’t overshadow the blouse letting the two tone panelled detailing shine through. It gave me a really refined feel, like I was a divine priestess or something of that calibre. The skinnies were a necessity – of course, when are they not? And the chunky camden boots are my babies forever and ever. I hope they never wear out!

I didn’t really know what to do with my hair so just put it into a bun and attached the flower pin on to encapsulate that 70’s hippie vibe – Lover of nature? That I am xo

P.S Did anyone else notice the OVO decal on the store front? For those that are interested in Drake merchandise – the store behind me stocks it! It’s called Browns Focus and is on the street directly behind the one that houses Bond Street station.

Hope y’all like the fusion of elements in this look, be sure to let me know what you think 🙂


Happy Mother’s Day

Nailah XO

Summertime Feel Chill

Summertime Feel Chill

Zara black top

Zara jacket

Sass Bide maxi skirt

NIKE white sneaker

Cameo necklace

This set was pretty much inspired by the amazing weather we’ve been having in London these past two weeks. It’s odd how sunny and dry it’s been, really odd. As I write this, sunlight is filtering in through my blinds and caressing my skin, what a tease tsk. Now although the suns out and everything seems merry, the mornings are still quite chilly so the set that I put together today was more or less what I had originally wanted to wear myself until I felt how cold it really was outside. I bought the lovely khaki coloured cropped jacket yesterday and sought to wear it with a lacey monochrome crop top and maxi skirt. The crop top I included in the set is gorgeous with slight ribbed detail and would have been in my clutches if the Zara store I visited yesterday had had it in stock. Sigh.
I chose a maxi skirt with sheer polka dot detail to give this outfit a bit of Va Va Voom~ and the white Nike sneakers are a definite must have for this summer. They go perfectly with almost every kind of ensemble – I’ve even seen a few people wear them with party style dresses (not for me but they carried it off well enough!). I feel like almost every single person in this city has a pair of Ray bans – their sales margin must peak during Summer! And why not? They make great sunglasses after all.
A recurring pattern in previous posts must have highlighted my adoration for all necklaces that are of a choker design so adding the Cameo choker was foreseeable at the least. I kept the accessories minimal because this outfit really is one you chill in; to meet up with a few friends, walk around a park with them and just soak up the bountiful suns rays, all whilst listening to some Lana Del Rey<3 The headband was intrinsic to this look as I envisioned an up do to go with the vibe I was creating with this set. A bit sporty, a bit chic and a hell lot of cool. (I suddenly feel like the Fonz)
Hopefully we haven’t used up all our sunny day coupons this month and the good weather stays for as long as it possibly can!
Have a good week guys!
Nailah XO

I Killed The Prom Queen

Prom as we know it is, for most of us, is just around the corner – be it a few weeks away for those whose schools hold it at the end of March or a few months for those that hold it at the end of the summer term. And for us girls, being as we are – flawless creatures, need an equally flawless, breathtaking gown that will transform us into the belle of the ball – so to speak. I remember the process of picking out my own prom gown last year, it took me at least two months to narrow it down to a few possibilities and in the end I ended up purchasing something completely different. The dress I bought was a darling blue Ted Baker chiffon design with a cinched waist that I accessorised with a feather throw over and a demure looking up-do. Now I think about on it, I’m really glad I chose what I did because the attention and compliments I received that night gave me enough fuel to be as brazen as I wanted.

The most important factor involved in the dress picking process is the fit. It has to look right, feel right and flow right on your body. You need it to accentuate curves but not overdo it to avoid looking like a harlot. Different body types therefore require different prototype cuts to draw attention to and from the areas we seek to highlight/downplay.

For those of us who are more curvy, a full length gown with an adequate amount of embellishments/embroidery on the top half would be best so as to draw a more proportionate picture. Also you can never go wrong with chiffon (honestly it is one of the best fabrics ever! Chiffon Prom Dresses are incredible)


Victoria Dress


The Ruffled Halter Red


The Aquamarine Slit

The empire waist, the halter neck appliqué detail, the way the chiffon runs over your body. It’s such an elegant and timeless look. The pastel tone of the two/three dresses is also perfect for an event such as prom which is held almost as a celebration of the warmer climate to come and the impending freedom that is Summer. My own prom dress was of a similar design and you can find many Halter Evening Dresses on Victoria Dress’ website!

For those with a more athletic slender body type, you can carry off most styles without faltering (so jealous!). The main emphasis here may be to create curves, which is why deep V neck lines and cinched waists are perfect! A gathered waistline and full skirt will also give the illusion of having a fuller, more feminine shape if that’s what you seek to do.


A-line-V-neck-chiffon-pearl-pink-long-prom dress 


The Red


The White

And then of course there is the hourglass figure, which is the perceived societal embodiment of a ‘real’ woman. Embracing ones curves should be a priority for women with this body type as they really have it all – the slender waist, the ample chest and curvaceous hips. Some however, may wish to downplay these attributes and thus may prefer dresses of a shift like cut but a full length dress with a drawn in waist would be best to create appropriate proportions and draw attention to the best of ones form i.e. your slender waist and the symmetry of your chest to hip ratio. The best neckline would be also be of either a deep v-neck or sweetheart detail.


The Burgundy 


The Black


The Beaded Pink

Looking at all these gorgeous Formal Evening Dresses makes me wish I could relive the prom experience and wear all of them to it! These dresses are all from and they all have the option of getting them custom made so as to offer the consumer their perfect fit. (I wish I had known about this site last year!)

There’s also a sale on right now – offering up to 65% off these ethereal looking vetements! So be sure to check these Cheap Prom Dresses out as soon as you can.

Happy Hunting XO

What’s In My Bag Marc B?





VOGUE Beanie – AliExpress

Black Cami Slip Dress – Alternatives – Missguided/ASOS

Faux Leather Jacket – Alternative – BANK Fashion – Ribbon

Black Skinnies – UNIQLO

Chunky Monochrome Camden Boots – ASOS

Lucy Clutch Bag – BANK Fashion – Marc B

_SAM8899I apologise if I’m scaring you with that glare, I really didn’t meant to come off that unapproachable (blame it on the lack of sleep!)

Recently, BANK Fashion launched Marc B on their online site and sought out to collaborate with different bloggers on a ‘What’s in your bag’ sort of theme. Well guys, here you have it. This is what was in my Marc B Lucy Clutch bag – which I think is gorgeous – Burgundy always was one of my favourite colours!


Barry M Smoking Hot Makeup Palette Dark as my soulYum!

Kate Moss 107 (One of the best shades of red I have ever come across!)

Mac DIVA – Perfection.

Rimmel Scandalous Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner (Can’t leave the house without it)

White Apple Earphones

White iPhone 

I have to confess. I’ve never really been a clutch bag kind of girl but I honestly do love this Marc B clutch, it’s so practical and minimalist in terms of it’s design and detail and yet undeniably stylish at the same time. Just my kind of man, I mean bag* (There could be a pun involved there). I chose to keep the colour scheme of this look as dark as I could with varying minimalist monochrome detail – you could say I was inspired to do so. The only pops of colour allowed were the Lucy Clutch Bag and my lipstick whose shade perfectly matched that of the clutch (Lord love me some Diva!) Alternatively I also picked out my gold choker to offset the gold detail on the zips of the clutch. What can I say? When I set out with styling an outfit, I really do pay attention to every little detail.

Hope you all dig this little outfit and have had a good start to the week!

Nailah XO

Balmain Paris A/W14

Once in a while (not as often as you’d think) a seasonal collection will take me by surprise and completely override my thoughts until I spiral on the brink of insanity due to the intense desire I feel to don said collection’s garments. This season during Paris Fashion Week my eyes and heart was overtaken by Balmain’s A/W14 collection. As soon as the first image was uploaded on Instagram I knew it would be THE collection I would obsess about for months to come and why not? It’s pretty fu*king perfect!

Olivier Rousteing is quite frankly one of my favourite creative directors – having taken over the position of being Balmain’s near the start of the current decade. Considering the fact that he’s quite young as well as being immensely talented I have come to the conclusion that he is the perfect man (did I mention he was French?)

Now Balmain has always had talented creative directors – Oscar de la Renta being one of them – and I have in the past often flicked through their seasonal collections expressing my delight and adoration for the designs but I was not prepared for the sheer perfection of this years A/W collection. Woah. That’s all I can really (not really) say in response to the combination of looks present in the Balmain Paris Fashion Week’s catwalk show.

The direction that Olivier has taken in reference to the influx of influences from the 80/90’s is simply breathtaking – the retro glamour of leather (lots and lots of it), studded embellishments, crocheted design, the feathers, the fur, the chunky gold accessories, the chokers, the animal patterns, the flattering cuts paired with the cinched waist detailing were almost a bit too much to take in all at once!

There is such a thing as overdoing it in fashion (thought many will deny this) and I feel that this collection had just the right balance reverberating through it from start to end.





article-2569349-1BE2B66900000578-585_306x699 article-2569349-1BE29E4800000578-560_306x699

(Skirts over trousers? I guess that’s making a comeback too)





Do you see what I was talking about?

It’s an incredible collection and every inch of my being is dying to possess it. The last time I coveted something this much was when Meadham kirchhoff showed off their S/S14 collection –  And I’m still absolutely taken by it!

Of course there still begs a question, who wore it better?






It’s got to be Rihanna for me! Her whole appearance was styled perfectly to the T. The bob hairstyle, the pointed bronze heels, the accessories, the assortment of Khakhi coloured leather – a prominent colour theme throughout Balmain’s A/W14 collection which was very military styled on closer analysis – She’s even wearing her own lip shade! Which is an excellent marketing strategy in my opinion. I wonder if she thought the same…

However one of my most prominent favourite looks had to be the all matte black leather jacket, the cinched high waist leather biker pants, woven crop top bedecked with golden detail and the chunky gold hoop earrings. This in my opinion was just an effortless combination of raiment. It instantly transported me to the scene of late 80’s early 90’s old school attire and had my gaze transfixed.


*Sighs deeply and devastatingly*

One day. One day.