End of an Era




Black Sheer Kaftan – H&M

Lace Top – BANK Fashion – Glamorous

High Waisted Jeans – BANK Fashion – Glamorous

Two Toned Chunky Camden Boots – ASOS – New Look

Similar Eagle Necklace – Boohoo Outlet- Ebay

Pork Pie Hat – Topshop





Lace Headband – Similar – Luulla

Floral Swing Dress – BANK Fashion – Glamorous

Similar Cut Out Wedges – Ebay1 and Ebay2 (Practically identical to the ones above!)

Say heyyy Ms Carterrr *waits for response*

I’ve been awful these last few weeks, disappearing without a word and practically abandoning my blog but I needed the break from reality and I’m well and truly back now! Today I thought I’d share two outfits I put together – seeing as I owe you this much at the least- Bank Fashion (love them) sent me a few samples earlier last week and now I get to share them with you all 🙂

The lace top is the cutest thing and as I have a bit of an obsession with the fabric and its texture, I adored it almost instantly. The high waisted jeans are super comfy and fit just right although not as tight as I would have liked around the ankles but that’s mainly because I have really skinny ankles compared to the rest of well, you get it. Don’t you just adore and covet my two toned boots? I’d been looking for a monochrome pair to go with my seemingly all black wardrobe (shout out to BEGS XO) and they are just perfect in every single way, be it the fit, the length and width of the heel, the laces, the zip details – EVERYTHING! Also how adorable is the sheer kaftan? Can you believe it’s only £6?! I couldn’t at all. I think it works perfectly as throw over for most outfits and love that I found it when I did – thank you H&M<3

I can’t really tell what was going through my head when I put together the second outfit. I just sort of threw things on and had a general direction of what kind of look I was aiming for. I have to say, it worked out pretty well. I’ve never really owned a swing styled dress in such a bold print before and was a bit unsure of how it would look on me but I’m kind of crazy about this piece now. The material is like imitation silk and the asymmetrical hemming of the dress as well as it’s fit – the way it flows and drapes ones form – is different to most that I have seen worn by people and for that reason it has captured my heart all the more. The accessories I paired it with gave off a slightly dark yet earthy vibe which I feel enveloped a lot of different styles – sort of a mess of the hippie 70’s and grunge 80’s, sixties’s vie de boheme with slight 1920’s flapper tendencies (never could say no to a lace headband – one of my weaknesses shh)

Hope everyone’s had a good start to the week!

Paz E Amor – Nailah **

These are a few of my favourite things…

These are a few of my favourite things...

Miu Miu grey shirt

J.W. Anderson pants
$895 – net-a-porter.com

Linda Farrow black glasses
$730 – net-a-porter.com
Hello, hello, hope I haven’t kept you waiting too long for a new post (I’m sorry if I have!). These last few days have been utter turmoil for me on the work front – remind me to never accept propositions from others when in a happy frame of mind!
So I thought I’d dedicate this post to a few of my most cherished items (that as of yet, are not in my possession). I’m really glad culottes are making a comeback with high street brands raising awareness for the fashion savvy trend. I have a picturesque vision of myself donning the J.W Anderson culottes, the cropped Mui Mui sweater and the round frame glasses – so very John Lennon – with a beret placed  on my head (because why the hell not?) and drinking espresso in a Parisian style cafe. Pretty picture perfect huh?
The camel coat is as much a statement piece as the vintage Chanel bag in my opinion and yes I know it’s a bit odd to compare the two but each give the wearer/carrier an elevated level of sophistication and so they carry out synonymous tasks. The Guess rhinestone hair pins are beautiful and it is for that reason alone that I covet them. Lord knows I’d hardly ever, if never wear them. Same, however, cannot be said for the Lanvin choker. That is probably my favourite piece from all of those above, cancel out the probably and replace it with a definitely. It is quite honestly the most perfect piece of jewellery I have ever set my eyes upon and I do quite honestly need it in my life and around my neck as soon as possible!
I included the x-ray floral Vogue print merely because I thought it was an exquisite picture and thought it helped to complete the set arrangement, isn’t it gorgeous?
Hope everyone’s having a good week!
Bjs Nailah **