Coquettish Charm in Tuxedo Gold

Coquettish Charm in Tuxedo Gold

River Island black cocktail dress
$25 –

Gold pumps
$200 –

Bangle bracelet

Versace post earrings

Clear glasses

Lips makeup

Topshop nail polish
$9.93 –
A lot inspired this set in particular, one of the main influences being the Tuxedo dress. I’ve always had a thing for suits in particular the slim fit kind worn by the menfolk (maybe I’ll be a menswear designer one day, who knows). I keep saying that I’m going to wear one to the next wedding I go to… which may be why I haven’t been invited to one in so long. Not that I’m complaining!
This Tuxedo dress is almost an exact replica of the original Alexander McQueen one and for that reason asides from the fact that it looks so good, I purchased it from River Island as soon as I was  able to. Sadly they only had it in the size above and that didn’t fit well at all so I had to sell it.(Sad but I still made a 100% profit – Business has always more or less been my forte). I also have a huge love for face veils, some may say that they arouse an air of morbidity as they’re often worn at funerals but I think there’s something undeniably chic about them. That veil worked into an undo with the cats eye glasses would create a vision of 1960’s glamour which I feel needs to make a comeback pronto!
I kept the jewellery simple for this set as the Versace earrings paired with anything other than the minimal thin Gold bangles would, to me, look gaudy. Aren’t the heels amazing as well? The Gold  ankle cuff link detail complements the inclusion of the jewellery and the minimal beauty which I envisioned as a simple liquid eyeliner and rouge lips and nails look completes the ensemble.
I’ve been listening to a lot of Lana Del Rey lately and feeling the need to dress up at odd moments so as to encompass her sound in a more material form. Hopefully I’ll have some looks up soon to show y’all my LDR style! 🙂
Hope everyone’s having a great week! Bjs **

Fenchurch Womenswear



Necklace – H&M

Black Turtleneck – Pink Queen (original from American Apparel)

Baseball Top – BANK Fashion – Fenchurch

Black High waisted Skinnies – Topshop

Black Pumps – Newlook


Cat Ear Beanie – Alternative – Ebay

Leaf Print T-Shirt – BANK Fashion – Fenchurch

Bank Fashion Clare Lace Up Boots – Alternative – Newlook


Recently got sent a few items from BANK Fashion’s new Fenchurch womenswear line and I have to say, I am in love! It is street wear at it’s finest and most flattering. The baseball top, I was initially going to pair with a slip dress and pinstripe tights to show how it could be worn as a nightwear look and compare it against a day look but my tights ripped and it ruined the outfit for me. There are a lot of different ways the top could be worn and I adore its versatility in this area. I assembled it with my Topshop Joni high waisted jeans (love, love, love them) and a turtleneck as well as a few Gold accessories and my high heels to give it an air of sophistication – (Just cause it’s street wear, doesn’t mean you have to play it down and be casual!)

The controversial Marijuana leaf print top is one of the coolest items in my wardrobe right now and I’ve already got a friend asking to borrow it (she can get her own to be honest xoxo). I created a laid back look around the top and paired it with a quirky cat ear beanie as well as my favourite boots (also from BANK!). At some point during shooting these pictures I picked up a block of wood lying around and pretended to be a hoodlum for a bit – I don’t really know why… but love my imagination guys!

The FENCHURCH brand recently released its womenswear line and I have been crazy about it since the S/S 14 Bank Press Day when I saw a few of the pieces for the first time. The cuts, patterns and fabric are perfect in my opinion and I can find no fault with any of the three (the material of the items I got sent is so incredibly soft!). I feel like I really need more pieces from the line and whats even more exciting is that they keep putting new stuff up on the site, so I likely will get more soon!

Bohemian B*tch

Bohemian B*tch

Ruby Rocks button up collared shirt
$63 –

Fancy watch

Black necklace

Kate Spade accessory

CÉLINE black sunglasses

River Island black bandana headband
$9.85 –

Eau de perfume
Hello, hello little darlings, it’s been a while since I last posted. (Forgive me for these last two weeks have been a complete and utter blur!)
I love, love, love this set that I created on Polyvore an incredible amount! The bohemian feel of the shirt, the tribal print + fabric and the cut on it has permanently put it on my wish list – until I get it anyway (hopefully). Leather skater skirts are gorgeous, glamourous even if one gets the right fit and shade of black but few wear them right in my experience. It just makes them look so boring! Which is why until I put this ensemble together I’ve never really been a fan of them (narcism at its best haha)
The purple watch was just too funky to pass up when I came across it. I had originally been looking for a bracelet of a darker purple like shade but discarded the idea immediately after seeing the watch. Ain’t it cute? Cat eye glasses are also a huge trend in the fashion circuit right now – Get yours while stocks last. They just ooze sophistication and 1950/60’s glamour. I need a pair myself to be honest. I’ve always had a real passion for accessories – to the extent of going into overdraft on my bank account for them- the black bandanna and spread eagle necklace are both items I want/need in my life and pairing them together for this outfit was a real treat for me. The bandanna + the cat eye glasses were inspired by a vision I had about 1950’s pin ups.
And how adorable is the Kate Spade umbrella! So contemporary, so chic, so practical, so stylish and fitting for a bout of Monday morning blues. Also say Olaaa to the wonderful Nicholas Kirkwood sandals. I was going to complete this outfit with chunky platform boots but then thought of these babies and knew it had to be the latter. They are quite honestly the perfect shoes.
All hail Lady Gaga. I tend to include a bit of beauty in most of my created sets, for this one I chose Lady Gaga’s FAME. The eau de parfum and its alleged contents sparked interest over the main social networking sites when it first came out and although I myself was a bit put off by what I heard, you cannot knock the scent. It definitely smells too divine to discard because of a few pesty rumours.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead!
Nailah XO

Dorotea Pospihalj’s Covered and Coveted Kaftan Collection

Slovenian born, Italian educated, London based fashion designer Dorotea Pospihajl is launching her first collection for her brand Dorotea P London.

Her designs focus on eclectic traditional Middle Eastern garments with a European twist. This not only sets her apart from the various newcomers in the fashion industry but imprints her namesake brand into the minds of any who come across it. I met this talented, vibrant designer a few months ago at the fashion book launch of Fashionstyleologer London Street Fashion, a project in which she played a huge role in and she was courteous enough to agree to be interviewed.

What inspired this collection?

I was always interested in different cultures and translating different cultures through my language of designing. I started designing Kaftans with a friend of mine. We decided to create a few Kaftans just to see how it would be and culturally wise. She has a lot of contact with the Middle East and therefore I just decided why not? Why not actually start to experiment more with that sort of design? Aesthetically speaking Kaftans consist of a lot of fabric and are very voluminous. My garments were always sort of drapey and always had that sense of it’s not really European; it’s not really the standard sort of style. So I just decided to design a second line that was basically going to be just Kaftans.

What country/area in the Middle East interested you the most?

I would say that it was mainly the culture that interested me, as it is in a way conservative but then there is this really interesting contrast with the garments, there is this garment on the outside and the garment on the inside. So it’s putting that sort of relationship with dressing that interested me.

Describe the general process you go through to design and realise a piece of clothing.

A big part of my design process is definitely illustration because that is what I started from. Just illustrating the mood or just illustrating anything that is connected to our society or other cultures; things that we see every day and then from there, I get the idea of the actual theme of what it’s going to be. Then I go to fabrics, do the trimmings and I start to sort of feel the fabrics and start to understand what shape it will take on.

Are you going to span out of the Middle East?

My interest is to bring to the Western world the idea of Kaftans and make them understand that it’s not just this conservative garment that women cover their bodies with. It’s also very nice and elegant. With the way the fabric flows it can be interpreted as a dress or any other garment really.

Do you focus on embroidery as well?

That is a very interesting question and embroidery is definitely a segment that I will start exploring very soon. I have collaboration on a second collection that’s going to come out very, very soon.

Would future collections have a similar Middle Eastern theme?

Yes, for that line definitely. It will always have that classical shape but in terms of details and cuts, I always interpret it in a geographical way so it has more edgy cuts and more of a European sort of design.

What sort of fashion illustrations do you do? Do others commission you to design for them or is it mainly your own concepts you illustrate?

Yes. I do illustrate for myself and I also get commissioned. My collaborations are usually with a Fashion brand or collaborations in terms of art. Usually when people commission me, I have to follow guidelines and ideas and concepts of their work but I always incorporate my own signature which is my way of sketching, illustrating and combining different forms of media.

When did you realise you wanted to be a fashion designer?

Probably by the time I moved to Milan when I was 18. Before that I was more of an illustrator and interested in actual sketching.

What was the first article of clothing you ever designed?

I would say it was this jersey jumpsuit that was overall draped and wrinkled with straps and so it kind of looked like a mummy. The concept behind that was, I was working on a collection that was themed ‘The Urban Warrior’, so I was always designing clothes that would protect you from our society and the way we live now. So the garments were sort of shields that would keep you safe.

How long have you worked as a designer?

If I didn’t call myself a designer then I guess since I finished school and started working in the fashion industry and the recent start up of my own brand, which is a really big change. So I’d say five years.

What is your opinion on the fashion industry at this moment; do the designers that make it big focus mainly on Western design?

People that are successful are usually, yes, designers that focus on safe things and have great exposure in the European fashion scene.

What tips would you give to a budding fashion designer?

I would recommend them to work hard and more than that not to take things personally because it is a very tough industry. It’s not an easy environment especially for young people that don’t have much confidence but have dreams and hope and are really eager to actually work hard. It not only takes a lot of determination but also being tough inside and not letting anything get to you.

Have you sold any of your pieces yet?

I’m mostly distributing in Dubai now and have a few clients in Kuwait.

Where can readers buy your designs?

At the moment, I’m taking orders privately but as soon as boutiques update their collections, the pieces will be available at their shops as well as my website.

You can contact Dorotea to inquire about her collection at


doroteaplondon-kaftan-4628 doroteaplondon-kaftan-4763  doroteaplondon-kaftan-4919 doroteaplondon-kaftan

The two lovely ladies captured in Dorotea’s equally lovely garments are:

Blogger Aizey Mirza of

& Blogger Edita Lozovska of