A little R&R before NYE

Relax and Rewind before the New Year

Black shirt

Miss Selfridge jeans

Black shoes

Does anyone else feel a little strung out (more than a little) after all the festivities and mush that this time of year involves? Don’t get me wrong, I do love it! But after two weeks of constant moving and shaking and God knows I can’t dance so we’ll leave that one out. I feel the need, now more than ever to present myself with a little holiday, a weekend away, something like that but it’s not possible at the moment so instead I daydream about what I’d wear on this ‘weekend away’.
I’d want to be comfortable that’s for sure and what better a way to both be comfortable and look stylish in than a bold Chanel No.5 Sweatshirt print? Yeah I didn’t think anyone would disagree. I added a little vintage touch to this set by including mom jeans, hello 80′s influence! Once again comfort was key, then of course the little backpack because one really does need a purse/bag big enough to keep all the miscellaneous items that would not fit into the actual suitcase. (Plus it was shiny and stripy thus cute!)
The six inch heels come in because I firstly didn’t want this set to get too comfortable and secondly because I was tailoring it for myself, they were a necessity. Not only does it add a little sexy sophistication into the mix of otherwise lazy pieces but it also gives you that little bit of extra confidence along with the added height and great posture! + I also loved the gold chain link ankle cuff on them – need those shoes now.
This is what I’d wear on a weekend getaway. Well on the first day anyway and that does not involve the evening or nightwear!
What’s your take on the perfect R&R weekend ensemble?
Bjs Nailah **

Listras Namorado


Tartan CoatUrban Outfitters 

Alternative Men’s Striped ShirtNext 

Jacquard Embossed Slim TrousersTopshop 

ShoesASOS (Sold Out)

I loved the colour play in this outfit so much! Literally skulked around Oxford Street/Bond Street/God knows where for over an hour and a half before I came across this stylish woman. The first thing I noticed about her were her shoes, it’s odd but you can really tell a lot about a person through their choice of footwear – after seeing those contrast coloured heeled shoes however, I just knew that I had to take her photo!

Rain or shine, Tartan will always be in it’s prime. (I’m a poet at heart guys). Needless to say I adored the calf length tartan coat – been looking for one similar to it for months now myself! And the straight leg red trousers + her boyfriend’s striped shirt certainly complemented the overall outfit. How amazing is her hair by the way? I’ve always, always had a thing for afro’s! Could have had one if my mother didn’t relax my hair so much as a child (I was constantly breaking hair brushes in it). This woman also told me that she’s a blogger herself, not surprising at all because of her great style!

I was in a real rush and wasn’t able to talk to her much if at all – which I do feel guilty about – I just hope I didn’t come off rude! But hopefully she’ll be able to find my blog and we can reconnect 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!

Bjs Nailah **

Florals & Geek Chic




Floral Print Playsuit – Miso – Alternatives found at ASOS & Missguided

Oversized White ShirtMiss Selfridge

Black Bowler Derby HatEbay (A steal at £3.39!)

Clare Lace up Boots – Sold Out on the BANK site! But alternatives at Newlook!

Animal Print Rimmed GlassesEbay

Gold Choker – Parfois

Faux Fur Coat – M&S (Sold Out)

I don’t really know how I put this look together (I’m in a bit of a sleep deprived haze at the moment – 27 hours and counting) but I think it started off with me finding the floral playsuit. I’ve had it for years and never really worn it but felt that I should and then I started questioning why playsuits/jumpsuits disappeared around the winter time. The answer is obvious enough but I sought out a solution and thus coupled it with the shirt. which I thought worked quite well. Then I added the accessories (not even going to mention the leggings because in this weather, they’re basically a necessity – unless you’re one of the brave ones). I won the geek glasses off an Ebay bidding war (told you guys I was starting to get addicted to them!) and I do adore them. Although my mother did tell me straight off that I looked like Ugly Betty as soon as she saw them on me. Harsh eh?

I just threw on the hat as an afterthought but thought it worked well too and then added my faux fur lover to the mix for some vintage glam. The boots were added to the ensemble because well, they’re gorgeous and super comfortable and I honestly cannot bare to part with them!

I’m not a fan of these pictures (you can see how much my eyes are crying out for sweet rest) but wanted to share the OOTD with you all 🙂

Hope everyone hasn’t had as terrible a case of Monday Blues as I have xo

Omani Fashion

So on Monday, work sent me to cover the first Omani fashion show in London which was held at the Montcalm hotel in Marble Arch.

Guys, I gotta say I was pretty disappointed with the amount of pieces available at the show. It seems that the ‘Omani fashion show’ was really a ruse to increase promotion for Omani tourism. I spent an hour waiting for the show to start (it was meant to start at 3 but didn’t – big surprise) and then had to sit through a short video on Oman and it’s deliciously rich culture which the video exploited in order to create interest in it as a tourism hotspot. When the show did finally start, it was over in about ten minutes flat with about eight (if not less than that) different ensembles showcased. Safe to say I left as soon as the show ended (now I think of it I wish I had stayed for the food. Omani food is amazing!)

Overall the selection of items in the show were poor but the craftsmanship and individuality of the dresses and suits on show were definitely appeasing. The collection by the Omani designer Alaa Al Siyabi, who is better known for creating a unique eleven meter long and three meter wide traditional Omani dress for Muscat’s Royal Opera House Fashion Show, was regal in its form and there was no expense spared for the best of quality materials and embroidery.

I’d feel like a queen in one of these dress suits. I really would.



Unfortunately all the other pictures I had taken at the show came out too blurry for my liking so you only get to see two/eight of the designs but I’m sure you guys can get a clear vision of the rest of the collection from these images. There was a red two piece that had pointed shoulder pads as well as a yellow and red flamenco like train – very jaffar from Aladdin – or so I thought any way ~

Oh and in other news, I have finally joined Bloglovin – an amazing app that helps to keep you up to date with latest posts from all your favourite blogs on your phone 🙂



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Have a great weekend every one! xx

Platinum Ice & Recreation


Striped Shirt – H&M – AlternativeForever 21/DhGate

Cropped black sweater  – Asos

Velvet LeggingsBoohoo.com

Brown faux fur Vintage Coat alternativesASOS/H&M/Ebay

ASOS shoesOut of Stock 

First off, how striking is this woman? I love the colour of her hair so much, the platinum blonde sheen instantly reminded me of Khaleesi from Game of Thrones (I’ve recently started watching the series and it’s safe to say I am completely hooked!)

Most of the pieces she was wearing were vintage and so finding close enough alternatives for some of them was pretty hard but I did my best. Recently I’ve been on Ebay a lot (losing at bidding wars mostly) and have noticed how much great stuff there is on it – especially vintage clothing sold abroad from America! (Fingers crossed I win on my most recent bidding war for an amazing pair of printed palazzo pants from the late 70’s!)

Also I thought I’d share a look that I styled recently for a concert with you all 🙂


 Vogue Beanie – Choies

Kikita Greek Print T-shirt Dress – Missguided

Ribbon Long Line Biker Jacket – BANK Fashion (On sale now for £25!!!)

Wet look faux leather leggings – Ebay

Clare Lace Up Boots (my faves!) – BANK Fashion (Out of Stock)

This look was 100% inspired by Abel Tesfaye’s music (The Weeknd<3). I put it together in the hope of standing out from the rest of the crowd and maybe catching his eye when he peered out at the masses of fans at the O2 Arena the Tuesday before last. I’m pretty sure the only reason I failed to do so was because the guy closest to the barriers I was behind was too tall and blocked me from view half of the time. But I’m sure that he did see me and we shared a few smiles and wonderful moments, that Tuesday I also realised I was more of an avid fan girl that I originally thought (oops)

I did love my whole outfit though, it was edgier that most of what I usually wear and I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmingly confident and hood worthy in it all. That day I felt that I had undeniable (dare I say it? Yes I do) ‘swag’.

Hope everyone has a good week


Wednesday Wants

Wednesday Wants

Black faux fur coat
$85 – frontrowshop.com

Gold stackable ring

Club Manhattan hinged bangle
$34 – welikefashion.com

This set was inspired by a day spent at work pretending to be Miranda Priestley’s assistant and an ongoing Ebay war over a similar looking monochrome faux fur jacket.
I love the sleeveless turtleneck (been an ongoing advocate for them since mid September) and need it in my life. The folds and cut of the turtleneck gives it an edge of modernism, which I adore, adore, adore!
Same can be said for the style of the leather skirt, I’ve been a fan of asymmetrical design for quite some time now – Ever since I set eyes on my first Alexander McQueen mullet dress to be precise. Ricardo Tisci has revolutionized Givenchy and I pay ode to him in this post for the leather skirt which came into being through his guiding hand. (Thank you Ricardo, grazie mille!)
The boots are a favourite because,well, they’re pretty and who could attest to their practicality in these cold grey times that we call Winter? Also how many pairs of heeled boots would count as too many? (I may just own too many)
The faux coat I wasn’t too sure about pairing with the rest of the ensemble but I do love it -bidding for one that’s almost exactly like it on Ebay at the moment, fingers crossed I win! I added it on to this set to lend it a bit of quirky youthfulness. I have a tendency to dress older than most my age which often gets me mistaken for being a bit older too. Ah well, who ever said that was a bad thing? Oddly enough I’ve never had a particular liking for Gold jewellery but the bangle and stackable rings are all items that are on my wishlist and the lip colour, which is of a matte plum colouring is one I wear quite a lot. It is so, so lush! (Try it!)
So, these are my Wednesday wants, what are yours?
Hope everyone’s having a good week so far!**