O Primeiro Vintage

O Primeiro Vintage

Shirt – Vintage shop in Barcelona.
Substitutes can be found at: Beyond Retro 1, a stellar bargain at £18 and Beyond Retro 2, similarly priced £20.

Vintage acid wash denim Shorts – bought in Camden.
Substitutes found at: Ebay Item (they do deliver worldwide) and just the one pair available and at Beyond Retro. They have quite a varied collection of vintage acid wash jeans, skirts and shorts.

Similar shoes can be found on various sites such as Topshop and River Island

This is the first post on my newly established fashion blog and I really hope it gets a good response!

The story behind this picture is quite amusing. I went out in Central London with the aim to take pictures of people I found stylish and suffered from a momentary lapse of confidence when it came to approaching those people.

After a pep talk I received whilst buying a neck strap for my camera (as well as a threat from the most amazing people I know), I saw this girl walk past with a friend. Her outfit captured my attention immediately and I debated on what to do for a minute or two before making up my mind and running after her. I kid you not, I ran.

I’m glad she was the first person I photographed for this blog; 1) because she was incredibly nice and 2) because her adorable Spanish accent helped to calm my nerves.

I especially loved her shirt, which had an almost Neo-Gothic feel to it. That paired with the grungy cut out shoes, 1980’s acid wash shorts and black lipstick I feel created the perfect balance, without any of the individual pieces outshining the others.

Hope you dig this look as much as I did 🙂

Comments would be appreciated!

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